Tuesday, March 21

Jalen, How Are You Jellin' ?

Jalen Rose , former Raptor , face New York Knicks . One of the most liked Raptor , he is expected to go mano a mano with good friend Morris Petersen .When he returned to Air Canada Center , he did not get the usual boos from the crowd reserved for returning ex Raptors . Based on decibel readings , the loudest boos were registered for 1) Vince Carter 2) Tracy Mc Grady 3) Damon Stoudamire 4) Antonio Davis .
When Jalen was here , he was a team player in and out of the locker room . He was totally professional even when Sam Mitchell pulled him out of the starting line up on 2 separate occasions. When rumors of his impending trade circulated , Jalen' s play did not suffer. One wonders why he maded it to Sports Illustrated 's list of all time headcases. in the NBA .
Jalen's performance since the trade is good .Raptors fans hope the averages won't hold true today .
PPG : 10.0
RPG : 3.0
APG : 2.6
EFF. : +10.8
Tonight's game vs the Knicks will be interesting. It seems everytime the
Raptors face NY , they are up against a different team. The first time ,the Knicks was with a new coach, so it was still finding its identity. Toronto won on Jan.13 game ( 123-103 ). The 2nd time , Larry Brown's team was on a roll , and riding on a 6 game winning streak which TO halted ( 104-90 ). The 3rd time it was NY turn to win on a squeker ( 98-96 ) .Today, NY is in a roller coaster-winning 2 and losing 1 - and in complete shambles ( 19-46 record ).


Anonymous raptor4ever said...

I think the Raptors will have an easy time tonight.New York is lacking in motivation and should prove an easy prey to the Raptors.
Sam should take advantage of the situation.

6:44 PM  
Anonymous Kim said...

Jalen is a ball hog but compared to Mike James ,he is Mother Theresa

7:35 PM  

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