Wednesday, March 15

Detroit 105 Toronto 98

Detroit played with just enough effort to beat the Raps. The Pistons did not apply their usual stiffling defense all game long except on Chris Bosh, contributing to his poor shooting night ( 6 out 16 FG ) .On the other hand , the Pistons had a terrific shooting game particularly on the 3 point range
( 12 of 14 FG ) led by Chauncy Billups . Raptors went small with Andre Barrett newly signed on a 10 day contract , as the point guard and Mike James as shooting guard to bring down the score at 60-59. After that rally led by James (26 points 11 assists ) and Joey Graham , it was easy sailing for the visitors from thereon. Billups is a living or should I say playing proof that a player can be 'converted' to an effective point guard . He bounced around from Denver , Boston , Minessota and even Toronto before he found home in Detroit. Mike James is in the same situation now. Billups indicated in the interview after the game. James said he wants to make T.O. his home. Toronto- the ball is in your hands.

I switched the channel to American Idol which proved to be more suspenseful than the game , as the show began to trim down the idol hopefuls from 12 to 11
Who got voted out this week ? Melissa . Simon Cowell said that whenever
you are on stage to perform , you must be sure to leave everything out there .
I guess the same applies to the NBA .


Blogger Greg said...

Try watching the Leaf game tonight and you will really see some pain!

8:24 AM  
Anonymous may said...

thank God for the american idol !

10:30 AM  
Anonymous kAI said...

I think barett is a good hire.Sign him for the rest of the season !

4:46 PM  
Blogger Kai said...

Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog, and also for your comment. I really appreciate it (:

10:40 PM  

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