Friday, March 10

Denver 108 Toronto 97

Another loss , but what made it extra excrutiating to those watching the game on TV was the amount of nonsense doled out by the two sportcasters-Leo 'Mr Know It All ' Rautins and substitute Sherman Hamilton from Raptor TV .They spent a lot of TV time talking about Syracuse complete with TV shots of those in attendance wearing this school's jersey. Otherwise , the 2 of them over analyzed every move of players from both teams .Oh puleeezzz. What are their credentials ? One is an NBA journeyman who was eventually exiled to the Italian league while the other did not even make it to the NBA. I never thought I will miss Chuck Swirsky .At least its 1 analyst less.


Anonymous Chuckie said...

AMEN ! I hope B.C. makes a total OVERHAUL of our present anchor and analyst. Why can't we use real ex NBA guys like Oakley or Bogues.

4:31 PM  
Anonymous Leo Hater said...


4:37 PM  
Anonymous Raptor Forever said...

Sherman has a face for radio.
What about the radio pips-eric smith
and mr jones

8:47 PM  
Anonymous Chris said...

Criticizing Leo and Sherm? And you are...?

6:48 PM  

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