Sunday, March 12

Toronto 93 Indiana 89

Finally a win.What did Sam do right this time ? He played the rookie - Joey Graham ( 8 pts. 7 reb.) and put in Pape Sow ( 4 pts , 4 reb.) in place of Eric Williams ( 0 pt. , 0 reb in prev. game ) . The Raptors played a fast game ala Phoenix Suns which resulted in a lot of fastbreak points. As one Portland announcer opined in last night's Suns vs. Blazers game ' I wished more teams will play like the Suns. It's an exciting brand of basketball '. Touche ! Need I say more.

Precisely my point in yesterday's posting.

And as Bill Clinton said then to the elder Bush in 1992 U.S. presidential election - its the economy , Stupid . In this case , its the basketball style, Stupid. And to those Mike James ' detractors ( who wants him traded for being a ball hog ) , he made them eat their words once more by nailing the winning shot .The guy is a clutch player. He has ice on his veins so to speak .Rick Carlisle , the Indiana coach said James hit the (last) shot with a 7 footer hands in his face .

Tonight starts the new season of Sopranos after a long wait.The Producer said to expect a 'darker' one as the series starts to wind down . I guess Tony will put more order in his family. I know Sam is applying a lot of tough love to the Raptors team ala Tony Soprano .I wonder who will gets ' whacked ' at the end of the season ?


Anonymous raptor4ever said...

I still think Mike James is not a good fit. He hogs the ball too much.

6:09 PM  
Anonymous MJ said...

mike james is playing for new contract.he is not going to be productive after the new contract

7:37 PM  

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