Sunday, March 19

Vince Likes Walmart ; JYD Makes Round Of Talk Shows

Two former Raptors occupied the boob tube this weekend touching on some interesting topics. First to make appearance was Jerome Williams better known as the Junkyard Dog who now does community work involving children for the Raptors organization in the Grill Room on Sun TV. This show unlike other sports talk show in Canada , provides balance treatment of all sports aside from hockey and recently featured other Raptors like MoPete and Mike James . When asked about seemingly ' ' chummy ' practice of basketball players of embracing ' each other before the start of each game , JYD said something like , ' it is a culture thing , but once the game starts , its all business '.
The following day , JYD was on Jones and Eric Smith's call in show simulcast on both radio and TV . The 2 who do the play by play of Raptor games , asked JYD who he thinks was the best coach he has ever played for . Surprise ! Surprise ! his reply - Lenny Wilkens . You see , the winningest coach in the NBA is not a favorite among those who covered the team here as their view is that, his ways are outmoded .
Needless to say , the two were left dundfounded and can only mutter that everyone is entitled to his own opinion .
Vince Carter was on the taped interview with Ahmad Rashad shown at halftime of Nets vs.Mavericks game ( which the New Jersey won , 100-89 ).When asked what he wants to do with a wife and new baby , he said he loves shopping at Walmart and also to bowl ! How's that ? A high flyer for a bowler !


Anonymous Ray said...

JYD also said that Vince is soft...

1:45 PM  
Anonymous Kate said...

JYD - :) Vince - :(

5:22 PM  
Anonymous Toney said...

JYD can play again if he wants to.He' better than any of the reserves in the Raptors camp.

7:35 PM  

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