Friday, March 17

Toronto 97 Milwaukee 96

The Raptors stole one from Milwaukee .With 35 seconds remaining , Mike James hit a 3 pointer and Chris Bosh ( 27 pts./10 reb ) knocked down a couple of free throws after a Bucks miss . The Milwaukee 'bigs ' manhandled their Toronto counterparts but Charlie Villanueva (14 pts./9 reb.) , towards the end of the 4th quarter , suddenly comes alive with 2 baskets cutting the lead from 16 points. Earlier in the game , TJ Ford the dimunative point guard of the Bucks, was toying with Toronto . In the end , we had the last laugh . T.O. outscored their opponents 31-14 in the 4th quarter .
It is the first game I can recall that Bosh delivered the clutch baskets .Good .
Jamal Magloire as usual played a dominating game although he missed a lot of foul shots. ( 7 out of 14 ). Both Rafael Araujo and Pape Sow cannot contain Jamal . Its like a tryout for Raptors management . He is a free agent next season and has expressed his desire to play for Toronto. I think he is too slow for the Raptors style of play not to mention that he will likely ask for a lot of money .
I am glad I hang on to finish the game even when the Raptors were behind by 15 points . I watched the movie Jarhead after the game . Sucky really. Any basketball lesson applicable to the Raptors ? None . Zero . Nada . Oh yes . there is one . Plenty of preparation is needed when going into war . Same as in basketball . Hear that Sam . So that Skip To My Lou will compare you favorably with Jeff Van Gundy .


Blogger Kai said...

Have a great weekend, Coach! (:

6:02 AM  
Anonymous Rip said...

agree that the movie sucks , the game though was terrific.

3:53 PM  
Anonymous cb4 said...

I disagree . Magloire might had outplayed Sow and Araujo , but Bosh owned him. Go Raps Go !

4:39 PM  
Anonymous jim in toronto said...

Jamal will be a good recruit. The Raptors do not have a true center.Pape sow is too small. Woods is too thin . Hoffa is too slow . JM is just right and he can intimidate them.

7:30 PM  
Anonymous Josh said...

Never give up Raptors -Go Raps !

12:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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