Thursday, March 16

Top Ten ( with apologies to David Letterman )
Top 10 Ways For Rafael 'Hoffa' Araujo To Get More Playing Time

1 . Hoffa to tell Sam that he will teach him to dance the Brazilian Samba .
2. Ask him to watch ' Brokeback Mountain' together alone.
3. Change his name to Hoffaem Araujowon
4. Tell Sam he is the adopted son of Larry Tannenbaum and that Tie Domi is his brother.
5. He is 'buddy buddy' with Richard Peddie and when RP is in the locker room wrap his arms around him and call him 'Dick'
6. Tell Sam that you got special footwork training from the great Pele.
7. Hire Tanya Harding to break the legs of all the Raptors ' big men.
8. Ask the organizers of the college teacher's rally to include his case in their list of demands.
9. Tell Sam that by playing you, Calderon and Bonner, he will go down in history books ala white man's Glory Road .
10.Threaten Sam that if you will not get more playing time with the Raptors , you will transfer to Pat Quinn and the Maple Leafs.
the Raptors play the Bucks tonight .Watch the big men of the opposing team as I believe Milwaukee will trade or let go of them.They have a surplus of ' bigs. '
What a luxury for a team ! I really like Dan Gadzuric .He runs like crazy , but I expect Jamal Magliore to play well in T.O. as usual.


Anonymous james4ever said...

ha! ha ! your top 10 list always make me laugh .

7:32 PM  
Anonymous Mink said...

The Raps wii win tonight, Thats the luck of the Irish.

9:57 PM  
Anonymous Jon said...

Haffaem Araujowon . cool name .

11:43 AM  
Anonymous Raffy said...

I reco no.7 - its a sure way to get p.t.

3:49 PM  

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