Wednesday, March 22

Dennis Rodman, Alex English et. al To Play In Asia

A team of former NBA ballers led by Dennis Rodman will play a 2 game exhibition in the Philippines. Rodman who's estrange father, Philander , lives in a city north of Manila .It will his first visit to the country. His father has numerous children here , one of whom is a half brother named Bigfoot who once tried out for a local hoop team. Rodman's father is an ex US serviceman who used to work in the now closed US Clark Air Base.
With Rodmam in the team is Darryl Dawkins a frequent visitor to the country. His USBL team ( Valley Dawgs ) has Filipino basketball players in its line up. Other ex NBA pros comprising the Dennis Rodman's team are Kevin Willis , Otis Birdsong , Calvin Murphy , Alex English - assistant coach of the Toronto Raptors . Coach of the team is Sidney Moncrief.
Vince Performance Tracking
A lot of Raptors fans want to know how Air Canada is doing . So to those fans who are not interested in how Vince Carter is doing , ignore this .Otherwise, read on.Vince's line vs. Washington last night : 28 points / 6 rebounds / 5 assists .The Nets won 112 - 110 and is 1st place in the Atlantic and 3rd in Eastern Conference.


Anonymous Paul said...

NICE picture of rodman .

7:54 PM  
Anonymous John said...

Thanks for keeping us updated .RE Vince .It seems they will make the playoff and we won't.I am sure the Nets will be out in the first round
while we will get a high draft pick.

12:07 AM  
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