Friday, March 24

NO MORErison And Redick.

My 2 favorite NCAA players suffered similar fate in the Sweet 16 phase of March Madness . LSU got rid of Duke and JJ Redick , 62-54 while UCLA showed more composure than Adam Morrison's Gonzaga edging the Bulldogs , 73-72 .Redick was limited to 11 pts on a 3 of 18 shooting by the Tigers' defense. Coach Brady's bunch of young 'uns Davis and Tyrus Thomas were fantastic especially in the last 1'30 "of the game .Thomas made foul shots , a layup and his 5th block of the game.'Big Baby' Davis rebounded his missed free throw to seal the game for the Tigers.Morrison's team led by as much as 17 points. He scored an easy 24 points but missed his last 2 attempts towards the end of the game.The Bruins patiently chipped at the lead until they stole the ball with about 20 sec. for the go ahead basket . Zags ' Batista missed a desperation shot with 1.2 sec left.
So thats the end of the NCAA pool for me . Although , I must admit the tandem of Thomas and ' Big Baby ' Davis are very interesting .Thomas is very athletic in the mold of Gerald Wallace while 310 lbs. Davis is very nimble despite his weight. He either is the second coming of Sir Charles or Robert 'Tractor' Traylor . Take your pick.

Big Baby (L) and the original , Sir Charles (R)

Redick may be drafted late in the first round . He will likely be no. 15 to 20 pick , same as Sacramento's Fernando Garcia in last year's draft. Better , is to change his name to Redickovsky to pass himself as a European for more interest from NBA teams.

Morrison should do better. Maybe at top 8 . That is , if he chose to join the draft. He is only a junior now . I heard an interesting story about Adam on the radio. Actually , it's an interview of his father , who was his coach earlier in his basketball life. Adam was diagnosed to have Type II diabetes as early as when he was 8 yrs. old . He's learned to inject himself insulin and take as much as 3-4 shots during a game . He follows a strict diet and always eat the same food 2 hours before the game . I am sure when he moves to the NBA , he will have his own staff to take care of things .A Cook, a Nutritionist etc. Some of today's players have them now.
Antonio's Hideaway
The Raptors waived Antonio Davis today after a short return stint the team . His family , Kendra and the twins , is based in Chicago, Ill.
Davis came from the New York in a trade for Jalen Rose . He hurt his back in a game against the Miami Heat last Feb. He was a reluctant Raptor and seems to be playing only to fulfill a contractual obligation. Davis is likely to play next season for Chicago for a minimum salary .Good riddance, Antonio .
Vince Line
Vince Carter has 21 pts, , 7 reb., 7 assists in a game vs the Timberwolves Thursday night .


Anonymous cb4 said...

I am glad Davis is no longer a Raptor . I hate his guts .

1:52 PM  
Anonymous raptorlive said...

Bis Daddy will be the next darling of the basketball world. I agree with you. He is unbelievably 'ligth' for a 300 pounder. Will he join the draft now? It seems to lack marquee player s.

4:53 PM  
Anonymous KJ said...

antonio needs kendra to rub his back !

5:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

UConn wil win it all!

6:31 PM  
Anonymous sv said...

Raptors shoudn't have traded Vince.

8:24 PM  
Anonymous Vince Is A Weakling said...


....too late ,you mean,
They shd that prima dona earlier.

11:19 PM  
Blogger Greg said...

Trading Vince was the right thing to do, the problem was what they got in exchange.

What a waste!

10:52 AM  

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