Friday, March 31

Toronto 125 Phoenix 140

The game was more like the exhibition match Steve Nash presides over every summer in Toronto for the benefit of the Raptors Foundation . The cheering by the capacity crowd for MoPete ( 36 pts.,8 reb.) , Mike James ( 36 pts., 8 assists) and the rest of the Raptors was equally shared for favorite son, Steve Nash (20 pts.,10 assists ).
Interesting to note were the numerous handheld signs urging former Suns ' GM Bryan Colangelo and now Raptors ' head honcho to sign Nash . No chance of course. Steve conducted al clinic on ball passing. ' He will always find the open man' said Jones .

If Steve wins t
he MVP award once more , he'll likely get the nod for the Canadian Best Male Athlete Award for the second consecutive year.
Not bad , eh .

Steve's biggest competition will come from golfer Stephen Ames who just won the PGA's Players Championship which many considered the 5th major. S
tephen is the jerk who angered Tiger Woods before the start of the match play with his comment about Tiger's sometimes errant golf shots. Tiger beat him badly in the first round of the match play tournament.
Ames is a Canadian convert who lives with his wife
and children in Canada , while Steve lives with his family in the States.
Figure that one out , eh.

Vince's Line

The New Jersey Nets got its 11th straight victory defeating the Atlanta Hawks to clinch a playoff spot in the Eastern conference. Vince had 26 pts. , 9 rebounds , and an assist .


A lot of Knicks fans noticed that the New York basketball team began its decline when one of the most religious Knickerbockers , Allan Houston . got injured and eventually retired . You see , Allan will always lead his fellow players in prayers whether in the locker room or after the game at midcourt . Yes , the bickering Knicks still continue the practice but somehow it is not the same. I guess the Knicks is sick . Really sick . Detractors are sure that the losing will continue following the release of a recent study that concludes that prayers does not heal the sick . Scientists who conducted the study , will have a hard time convincing the pious New York fans. They have no prayer of a chance , so to speak.


Anonymous JAM said...

The Raptors played selfish basketball last night . They don't deserved to win the game. Toronto needs Stevie.

4:44 PM  
Anonymous vINCE said...

Steve for MVP !

5:40 PM  
Anonymous raptor4ever said...

the raptors still have a chance against the suns if villanueva`remained in the game. the score was close before the suns broke away intthe 3rd.

6:43 PM  
Anonymous Boggie said...

Allan is the Knicks salvation. Ihope he will play again.

4:34 PM  
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