Sunday, March 26

Toronto 116 Milwaukee 125
There is only one story line in the game today. Charlie Villanueva's superb performance.
Charlie Villanueva scored a career high 48 pts. on a 20 of 32 shooting ( 6/10 in 3 pt. range ) . The Raptors though , lost their 8th overtime game this season at the hands of the Milwaukee Bucks , 125-116. This is the most scored by a Toronto rookie. By an NBA rookie this season. Unbelievable !
Its the equivalent of Kobe knocking in 80 points . Or Nate Robinson winning the slam dunk . Or Napoleon Dynamite shagging Lindsay Lohan. Incredible !
I know many Raptors' fans disagreed with me when I wrote sometime ago that Charlie V. can be better than Chris Bosh. He's a natural at ball handling and he has the 3 pt.range which Chris still developing.
When asked by Norma Witch after the game when he knew that he has the knack of making those 3 pt.shots , he said he always possesed this ability but that he has no chance to shoot 3 pointers in college because coach Calhoun ( of University of Connecticut ) discouraged him. He was instructed to develop his inside game. No wonder , ex UConn's , now pros , Ray Allen , Donyell Marshall and now even Richard Hamilton had all become proficient 3 pt. shooters after college. Screw Coach Calhoun !
Actually Charlie was rumored to be turning pro in the same year when Lebron James did. They were both Mc Donalds H.S. All Stars then. I don't know what made him change his mind. I think , just like Bosh , he should have stayed a year only in college . To some players , college style of play , can be stifling.
BTW , Charlie V. also has 9 rebounds and 2 assists .
Unwritten Rule In The NBA

The topic of some players of making last second shot even when the game is already in the bag was discussed by Mark Jackson and Scottie Pippen in NBA Nation today. Like the Gerald Green's last second dunk in a game vs Toronto last Mar 24 which made Chuck Swirsky very mad. Both said its a big NO NO . Sort of an unwritten rule in the NBA , Scottie and Mark emphasized .
What do you know , it happened again. This time in the Lakers vs Hornets game later Sunday night. LA 's Sasha Vulcajic drove to the basket with only 5.4 sec left in the game and LA way ahead . He was given a hard foul by Speedy Claxton . Afterwards , the refs had to separate the two . Claxton was given a ' T ' and thrown out of the game. The L.A. TV Announcers were not exactly thrilled with Vulcajic last second shot.

Vince 's Line

New Jersey beat Detroit , 79-74 on Sunday night. He scored 22 pts. and had 7 rebounds and 6 assists. NJ remains entrenched at 3rd place in the Eastern conference.

Oscar Weekend

I watched The Constant Gardener starring Ralph Fiennes and Rachel Wiesz .
I think Rachel was terrific in this movie. No wonder she won the Best Supporting Actress award. The fim is set in Kenya , Africa.
Reminds me of part of Chris Tucker's comedy skit in the last NBA All Star Weekend nights. Chris said he went with Dikembe Mutombo and other NBA players on a mission to Africa. Chris said in Africa , he has never seen so many brothers who don't know how to play basketball. Of course, said in Chris' wacky way, the crowd had a big laugh.

Dikembe in


Anonymous JYD Is Back said...

Very good posting. Enlightening .I disagree with you on CV being better than Bosh. Its only 1 game.

12:42 PM  
Anonymous cb4 said...

C.V. is great. Sam was right in holding him back of the starting unit until midway into the season . On the other hand , Joey's game seems to be stunted by being in the first 5 early in the season

3:27 PM  
Anonymous Vince said...

Bosh is still the man .Charlie needs consistency to prove himself worthy of being No.1 Raptor .

3:46 PM  
Anonymous DunkMaster said...

I don't know if Charlie V. can duplicate or come close to the 48 points night. If he can , he will be a superstar in this league for a long time.

7:12 PM  
Anonymous PB said...

charlie v. is just lucky . like his namesake charlie 'lucky' luciano .bosh is still the king raptor

8:25 PM  
Anonymous Craig said...

That's funny about Sasha Vu-ya-shit. I was at the game and took off with 30 seconds left so I didn't see the last basket or Claxton's hard foul. Shasha's very much a bullshit player who's only in the league because Laker GM Mitch Kupchak gives Euros 4-5 seasons to develop (Slava Medvedenko was a Laker for 5 seasons).

Vujacic is afraid to drive the lane, is not athletic, is not very strong, is inconsistent as a perimeter shooter and commits a TON of dumb fouls... other than that, he's awesome!

12:21 PM  
Anonymous SV said...

With more practice and exposure, Charlie will be the next raptor star along with CB4 of course.

Very nice write up. Informative and witty.

1:22 PM  
Blogger coach said...

Craig - Jackson does not think that Sasha is a bad shooter .I believe in one interview , he even said that he's the bast shooter in the current LA line up. I guess he wants to pad his statistics badly. Ala Ricky Davis . He ended up being hard fouled by Speedy.

7:09 PM  
Blogger dkosei2 said...

CV will never be better than Chris Bosh. CB4 is lightning quick for his size. While CV is a tad bit slow, he still has game though.

10:39 AM  
Blogger coach said...

maybe you're right.
the 2 must learn to exploit their strength for the raos to be a playoff team

7:51 AM  

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