Monday, April 24

The NBA Playoffs - Day 2

Nets Lose By A Thread

Indiana 9o New Jersey 88

A controversial call with .9 sec. left the Nets in tatters . Controversial call ? No , according to Charles Barkley to Kristic's holding to Johnson's uniform leading to 2 foul shots made by the former Net. Wilbon of Pardon The Interruption fame said the 'act' by Kristic was of no or little consequence to Johnson's move towards the basket.

The game was attended by rapper Jay Z , wearing Carter's All Star jacket , and usual companion Beyonce . He is the part owner of the Nets. Famous Rappers have plenty of money. Remember Master P who once played for Toronto in the pre-season under then coach Butch Carter. Master P, shown in this photo , wanted very much to be a pro baller that when he was cut by the Raptors he felt kinda' bitter. Charles Oakley was not sad though . Oakley said ' he can keep his money ' and let us play ball.

What about Bryant ?

Phoenix 107 LA Lakers 102

Kobe was unusually timid, that's what's about him in the game vs. the Suns. Everything went according to the Lakers' plan except Kobe waited too long before showing some aggresiveness.Still all was going well OK , until the uncalled ' foul ' by Thomas to the driving Bryant in the closing minutes of the game. I think the welt at Kobe's head was the result of that.
One wonders then why both Phil Jackson and Kobe were in the good mood during the press conference. Kobe even joked that 'at least the Dodgers are winning '. Makes for an even more interesting game 2.

Ford And Co Sputters In Motor City

Detroit 113 Milwaukee 93

Michael Redd was handcuffed by Richard Hamilton . The Wallaces outmuscled Bogut and Magliore. Prince outran the Bucs forwards and more than anything else, Billups overpowered TJ Ford. Like a Hummer overpowering a ... Ford Focus. Milwaukee was simply overmatched.

The halftime feature was TJ's almost career ending injury. The young Buc took the whole of last season off. TJ said he owes everything to John Lucas. Lucas, shown here in his younger days , does a lot of salvage projects mostly ex NBAers who had substance abuse problems. He once had a drug problem himself. He was a pretty good PG in the mold of Nate Archibald and was a terrific tennis player good enough for the pro circuit. His son , John Jr., played for Oklahoma in college and is now in the D league after playing for the Houston Rockets briefly.

Double double for Dampier And A Bowtie

Dallas 103 Memphis 93

The Mavs' aggressiveness was very noticeable.Seems like Avery Johnson and Mark Cuban's message was getting through this edition of Dallas. All of 'em were giving their all especially Howard , Stackhouse and Dampier. Yes, the Damp. He did everything right except that bow tie he wore during the press conference. Rare . The bow tie and a press conference involving the Damp. It's a testament to how well he played.
I would say though that the bow tie is more appropriate to be worn by the ref in the boxing match happening between Tsakalidis and Stackhouse under the basket. Welcome to the playoffs !


Anonymous BRYAN said...


1:38 PM  
Anonymous Kobe Stopper said...

Raja Bell can guard Kobe . He has shown the ability to guard the best players of the opposite team.
Bell can shoot the 3 too !

1:53 PM  
Anonymous cb4 said...

Nowitzki is my choice for MVP. Dirk is simply unstoppable.

3:15 PM  
Anonymous mike is awesome said...

vince carter shot too much. must give some to nenad kristic and jefferson for nj to win

10:38 PM  
Blogger el greco said...

The Nets will win today

9:45 AM  
Blogger coach said...

El Grecco- I am not sure of that.
Depend on VC 's performance tonite.

12:25 PM  
Blogger el greco said...


7:53 PM  

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