Wednesday, April 26

NBA Playoffs-Day 4

Vince Hangtime Hangs Pacers

New Jersey 90 Indiana 75

Vince silenced the critics by scoring 33 points in Game 2 levelling the series with Indiana at 1 all .
Much criticized for the number and poor selection of shots he took in Game 1 , the former Raptor played an efficient game attempting just 22 shots as opposed to 33 shots in game 1 . Naned Kristic and Richard Jefferson scored in double figures while Jason Kidd has a near triple double.
Attention was centered on VC assortment of shots mostly on the inside but one that elicited oohs and aahs was the hangtime he displayed driving from left to right of the basket with 2 Pacers in his face. Vince made the basket.
Former Slam Dunk King , Josh Smith of the Atlanta Hawks working currently as NBA correspondent , picks VC as the best hangtime baller today . Maybe of all time ?.
Of course there is former Net in the old ABA , Dr. J , to consider. Who can forget the gliding under the basket hangtime display he performed against the Lakers. It's a masterpiece . The best hangtime just like slam dunk were always done in the game according to Dr. J. ' I don't think about them . I just did them '. he added.

It's no surprise that VC has the same special skills .Dr. J is his idol. VC went out of his way to have Dr. J considered for the then vacant Raptors GM position before Babcock was hired.
Nobody know whether Raptors management considered Dr J. . Maybe not even Vince and Dr. J .

You can say that the hangtime masters were left hanging.

Wizards Mauls James and the Cavs
The Wizards set the tone of the game with some hard fouls to LeBron James in the first quarter . First , Jeffries stopped a driving LeBron with 5 mins. remaining in the first quarter of the game. Jeffries got a resounding boos from the crowd. Then with 3 mins left in Q1 , Brendan Haywood almost pulled LeBron down when he tackled him on his way to the basket. The Wiz nicknamed ' Brenda ' by his UNC mates in college maybe because they find him soft is now a toughie. The players are actually following a game plan by coach Jordan.They are supposed to play the Cavs tough particularly James to discourage him from driving to the basket according to Celtics coach Doc Rivers. The ESPN radio man said the only way to stop LeBron is to ' punch him in the mouth. '
What happened was not exactly the ' take no prisoner ' / ' no lay up ' rules of the Detroit Bad Boys of Laimbeer era or of the NY Knicks starring Mason and ex Raptor , Charles Oakley .
Even the practice games of the Knicks were tough and intense . There was an incident involving Doc Rivers and Oakley . When asked who won the fight , tough guy Oakley said ' let us just say I told Doc there are other bears in the forest '
Bad Boys , Bad Decision , Bad Lost
San Antonio 128 Sacramento 118
The Kings prevented a rout this time but lost anyway to the Spurs who had a flurry of 3 point shots . ' Bad Boy ' Bonzi Wells played wonderful ball in the absence of ' Bad Boy ' Ronnie Artest .
Coach Adelman made a huge mistake with a dumb decision with the score tied at 109 all. Abdul Rahim missed a game winning shot with only 4 seconds left in the ballgame. Shareef is a choker. In Vancouver when he was still a Grizzlie and in Atlanta as a Hawk. He was not a clutch shooter. It should had been Bibby who take the last shot for he is an excellent finisher. The game went into overtime and as they say , you know the rest of the story.

The Kings owners , the Maloofs brothers , with another Bad Boy , Terrell Owens.


Anonymous cb4 said...

I like the story about Oakley and Doc. I wished we still have the Oak.

5:00 PM  
Anonymous Brian said...

The Kings lost a won game . Maybe with Artest around , they will beat the Kings in game 3 if they play the same way .

6:10 PM  
Anonymous Vince said...

Go Nets ! Go Vince !

7:03 PM  
Anonymous Wiz Kid said...

Brenda Haywood did the right thing.
After he handled James. I noticed that he mostly did his thing on the outside.

7:34 PM  
Blogger el greco said...

The Nets will win game 3 and the Kings will lose again.

9:16 AM  
Blogger coach said...

To can play basketball. He's got game. But to have 3 bad boys in a team is too much !

12:23 PM  

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