Saturday, April 29

NBA Playoffs : Day 7

It was an unbelievable day of playoff basketball . All 3 games were fantastic. So, despite the poor TV ratings in Canada , I'd say to the network executives , keep shooting those pucks .. I mean those fucking balls , eh !

Coach Jordan Needs Political Help
The Washington was back to being nice to Mr.LeBron , so he killed them
softly with his layups. The Wizard Of Oh's and ahs are exactly like that , acting more like spectators admiring the King' s forays into the basket. Haywood and Co. abandoned their ' no lay up ' mentality and they paid the price with LBJ scoring more points than Pres. Bush's approval rating..
A finesse game will not win the series for the Wiz. Games 1 and 3 were the proofs of that. I know this is election year .One is supposed to be nice . But remember what they say about nice people. They do that to nice coaches too. Only they don't fimish last , they fire them or cut their balls. Ask Carl Rove that.
K Mart ( The Good One ) Delivers
Sacramento is supposed to be a sacred city so it is only proper that altar boy looking baller wins the game for them. Yup , the good guys , Bibby and Martin partnered with the reformed convicts , Artest and Wells to defeat the foreign barbarians at the gate - Duncan (Virgin Is ) , Parker (France) , Ginoboli (Argentina) and their coach Popovich . The ending of the game between the Kings and the Spurs last night was like made in Hollywood.
I guess we should not expect anything less. After all , it's here in Sacramento where Arnold holds office.

Smush Smashes Phoenix
Charles Barkley once said that he doesn't believe a team with a baller named Smush will be any good. Smush Parker sure makes him eat his words now. Not that the Round Mound Of Rebound needs extra feeding. Kobe again played a controlled game , Brown and Walton a tough game , and Smush a smashing game. Parker's dunk , coming from left to right side of the court, was amazing (see photo).
Again , Jackson outcoached his counterpart. Phoenix does not seem to figure how to outplay the Lakers. At the press con held after the game , the Phoenix coach said ' what goes around , comes around ' to which longtime Laker fan Jack Nicholson responded ' you can't handle the truth '. Not really. I just love that line by Jack. I thought I will use it in my blog.


Anonymous Cb4 said...

Smush was outstanding .Yes , his dunk was sensational.

6:56 PM  
Anonymous Brian said...

I agree . The Wizards were not the last game. No hard fouls were given James.

11:33 PM  
Anonymous mike said...

LBJ is the greatest . He is unbelievable in this game.

7:01 PM  

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