Friday, April 28

NBA Playoffs - Day 6

Jermaine Pays Fine , But Pacers Fine

Indiana 107 New Jersey 95

Jermaine O ' Neil stayed out of foul trouble and was effective all game long to lead the Pacers past the Nets. The series stands now at 2-1 in favor of Indiana.
Jermaine who criticized officiating in last Tuesday's game thus was fined 15 thou by the NBA . It worked . For the NBA . For Jermaine. He was very active the whole game and the referess let him do his thing.
Lets see if Jermaine budgets $ 15,000 every other game for fines , he will be needing the maximum of $ 150 thou( 15x8) to make it to the champioship and another $ 60 thou (15x4) to capture the Larry O'Brien trophy. All in all , he needs $ 210 thou
I'd say , pay it Larry !

Chicago Defeats The Flash And Co.
The Bulls played fast ball all night long humiliating the Heat. The Most Dominating Ever (MDE) was reduced to most dominated ever by the baby bulls , Chandler and Deng and the bull from Pampas , Nacioni , limiting him to just 4 pts.!
The Flash - Dwayne Wade, was outscored by another flash. Flash Gordon.
The Miami was so outclassed that they lose their cool. Pat Riley said during the press con, that it was not cool to get all those technicals they got towards the end of the game.
The Miami cannot guard the faster and younger bulls. I guess the only
thing they effectively guarded was Haslem's mouthguard.

The Team That Cannot Shoot Straight Wins
The Nuggets was no longer the chicken feed to the Clippers. Not in last night's game. Denver cannot seem to can their shots that coach Karl said they 're like the 'gang that can't shoot straight.'
Karl said the team played mad dog style of basketball. He singled out Eduardo Najera as Hefe Mad Dog . Eddie fought for every rebound like a dog fights for every bone. Maybe he is expressing his solidarity to all illegal immigrant s in LA. How about playing the Latino version of star spangled banner ? Najera should ask the NBA.
OK campanero Stern ?


Anonymous mike is awesome said...

The Pacers were awesome last night esp.O Neil and Johnson. Johnson outplayed Kidd .

1:59 PM  
Anonymous cb4 said...

Shag was a non factor last night. I wonder what Riley felt about the $100 million investment in him.

4:51 PM  
Anonymous brian said...

What an ugly game that Denver vs.LA Clippers . It kept me awake last night because of its ugliness .

5:35 PM  
Anonymous SCOTTIE said...

that was a stupid foul by posey on kirk. his name should be changed to pussy

9:18 PM  
Blogger el greco said...

Chicago in Game 4.

9:53 PM  

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