Thursday, April 27

American Idols

American Idol.

It's Kelly's turn to go this time. The lovely country gal bungled her version of Unchained Melody in this week's competition. . She had a good run and will surely get a lot of offers like the dumb blond type of role ala Suzanne Somers in Three Is Company ...
or as a Playboy Centerfold..
Ugly American Idols
Dennis Rodman arrived in Manila for their 2 game exhibition with local teams here. Rodman , reportedly being paid $100,000 , will also do book signing and conduct a basketball clinic . He is part of the team called Bad Boys with ex NBAers Alex English, Calvin Murphy, Otis Birdsong , Daryl Dawkins , Otis Birdsong and 4 players from the D league.


Anonymous h said...

$100,000 for a 2 day exhibition . It is not bad for an NBA discard.

10:40 AM  
Blogger Jeff said...

Hey - it's our Raptors assistant coach, Alex English! Maybe we can get Rodman on our team after all! :)

12:59 PM  

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