Friday, April 28

NBA Reporting

NBA Correspondents

NBA TV assigned several current NBA players to act as correspondents
to cover the playoffs. These players are obviously from teams out of the running for the Larry O'Brien trophy. Here is how I rate their performances behind the microphone so far.

Mike James . Toronto . Assigned at Miami.
  • lively in depth reporting
  • nice volume of voice
  • confident

Chris Bosh. Toronto . Assigned at Dallas.

  • passable reporting
  • needs confidence in delivery

Josh Smith. Atlanta . Assigned at New Jersey.

  • poor delivery .
  • questions are of poor quality
  • confidence lacking

TNT Reporter

Jalen Rose made his debut as sideline reporter for TNT. Jalen did well except for the pranks that Spur's Nick Van Excel played on him. While reporting during a break in the action in the game between the San Antonio Spurs and Sacramento Kings , Van Excel kept throwing towels on him. One hit the mark completely covering his head ! It was hilarious. 'I knew it was Nick ' said Rose.

One person who was not happy with the use of jocks as sideline reporters is Raptors TV 's , Norma Wick. She thinks it is taking job opportunities from away from people like her. Wick also questions their qualifications .
Interviewed today in Jim Rome Show , Jalen told the host that his media training in University Of Michigan will be put to good use. Jalen looks forward to becoming involved in NBA broadcating after his playing days are over.


Anonymous GAME DAY said...

Yes I saw Norma in Raptor Today and she was anoyed by JR action.
Rose has the right to pursue what he wants.

7:26 PM  
Anonymous hoops said...

jalen can do what likes. its a free world.

8:55 PM  

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