Wednesday, May 3

NBA Playoff - Day 11

VC In Heaven Versus Indiana

New Jersey 92 Indiana 86

Vince Carter did a Tracy Mc Grady move to bury Indiana . The left handed dunk , not normally a part of VC's dunk arsenal , was even more amazing considering that it was executed with Jermaine in front of him. The Nets took a 3-2 lead in the series . Despite the absence of 3 of their regulars , the Pacers did not allow the Nets to pull away.

In the old ABA, Indiana was known as the Boston Celtics of the defunct league. They drew more fans , won more games , won more titles and had more stability than any ABA team. It should come as no surprise because in Indiana , basketball comes before church and family . You see see more rims and basketball goals hanging up in some towns than there are people according to one of the old Indiana Pacer , Ned Netolicky . Remember the scene in the movie Hoosiers when coach Gene Hackman aproached the reluctant star of the team. That's basically how it was before . In the old days , they have no concrete playgrounds so the boys play on dusty and sandy lots.

Still , Indiana is a basketball heaven. For the Pacers. For the Nets . For VC . For all people of different religion .

Wade Slams Bulls, Zo Body Slams Air

Miami 92 Chicago 78

Chicago had Miami by the balls like Evans had Karman . But it let the Heat got away. Instead , the Bulls are now behind in their series , 3-2 . The Wadeless Heat was vulnerable as it can be because they have Shaq seated on the bench with 4 fouls early in the 3rd quarter. The Bulls tied the game during this period but made error after error to blow their chances to snatch a win on the road. Dwayne Wade made a sudden recovery, and the tables turned after that. The Flash was still sore after that bad fall when his legs got entangled with Bull's Sweeney. He was still feeling the pain . Everytime he made his usual moves to the basket . Steve Kerr said that this kind of injury will be felt days after last night. Wade took an injection of pain killer to loosen the muscles up. I guess even a slight body contact was really painful for Wade .
A funny scene happened when Bulls called a timeout after a basket by Wade and the Miami players were on their way back to the bench . Mourning was ready to do the usual congratulatory body slam with Wade. Dwayne was saying no but Zo was already up in the air . Zo slammed the air instead.

I guess for now , the Miami Heat players will have to settle with a gentle high five when congratulating Dwayne.

Ginobili Shaves Chin , Finds Old Self

Antonio 109 Sacramento 98

The Spurs showed who's King in last night's game . They edged out the Kings in a hard fought contest . San Antonio now leads series 3-2 with Game 6 to be held in Sacramento.
Bozi Wells and Artest were big in this game . This time their counterparts on the Spurs side -Bowen and Manu , rose up to the challenge. Manu Ginobili was especially good last night. He was doing his usual daredevil drives to the basket leaving the King's best defender behind. I guess
he was nicknamed Manu because of his ability to manouver himself towards the basket . Manu was never in doubt that his game will come back. So does his coach. ' Manu is an All Star ' said Popovich who thinks Ginobili will have a break out game soon before the game.

Of course , the Spurs called on old reliable Tim Duncan to steady the team Same thing last night. Duncan is always there to save San Antonio. The team can always count on him especially during desperate times . Especially for one Desparate Housewife watching the game.

Suns Beat Lakers And Kobe.

Phoenix 114 LA Lakers 97

Its playoff time. Its do or die . Phoenix did what it had to do to stay alive in the series where they are now behind by a game only, 3-2. For Sun's Raja Bell , you do what you need to do and more . Seems like it. Bell collared the King Laker and pushed him down. Bell said this in retaliation for numerous elbows in the face he got for Kobe .

The Laker fans were angry . You can gauge from numerous phone calls ESPN Game Night received that night. When asked what is the most appropriate penalty Stu Jackson should impose on Bell , majority of the fans said 1 game suspension . Quite a number of fans do not want Bell suspended . Not for the reason coach Jackson gave. ' I want them ( Suns ) complete when we beat them ' said Phil. The fans want Bell to be playing in game 6 so they can lynch him in Los Angeles.
Bell is a hardnose defender involved in numerous scraps especially with the top scorers of the opposing teams. One sportcaster called him ' Poor Man's Bowen ' because of the similarity of his style with the Spur's defense specialist. Bowen's tactics may be a little dirtier than that of Bell. Don't tell that to the ESPN Reporter. ' What Bell did calls for a suspension ' said the ESPN Reporter ' I don't realize the NBA is back to ' Bad Boy ' Dennis Rodman days ' he added.

In that case , let this serve as a warning to all photographers stationed under the basket !


Anonymous Clipper Jones said...

Bell is public enemy # 1 in LA.
He is better suspended.

7:10 PM  
Anonymous MIKE IS AWESOME said...

Vince is awesome. He is no.1 in the playoffs . Better than James. Better than Wells. Better than Wade.

7:33 PM  
Anonymous Vince said...

The Nets and Miami series is something to watch. Wade vs Carter , Shaq vs Kristic , Jefferson vs. Walker , Kidd vs. JWill. Go Nets !

9:30 AM  
Anonymous Brian said...

Raja is suspended. Jackson did not get his wish . The Suns is dead now. No one can stop Kobe.

11:48 AM  
Anonymous SUNS lOVER said...

Suns , Suns , Suns here we come !
The Suns are a strong team evev without Bell. His suspension wii motivate the team . Look out Fakers.

12:24 PM  

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