Tuesday, May 2

NBA Playoff - Day 10

Cuban Missiles Down Memphis

Dallas 102 Memphis 76

The Grizz remained winless in the post season for 2 straight year as the Mavs won handilly.
The problem is that this year, the games were not competitive except for game 2. It was the most lopsided 1st round series in the NBA playoffs this year. The Mavs toyed with the Grizzlies. And to think that Memphis was not even no.8 in their conference. Nor Dallas no.1. Something is definitely wrong or as Cuban said on the Best Dammed Sports Show Period , the present seeding is definitely screwed.
What I think is that the Mavs are just too strong . Memphis was overmatched in all positions.
Dallas has now become the overwhelming favorite in the NBA playoffs. Finally , Cuban has a real champioship team .
A team that is defensive minded unlike his Nelson coached team which was offense focused . A team designed to go all the way not like his Nash led team that sputtered at the finish line. Cuban has finally found the right formula for a hit team.

Now let's hope Cuban finds the right formula for his new reality TV show. 'Cos frankly . his 1st reality show , ' The Benefactor ', benefited no one but his ego !

Billups Bails Pistons

Detroit 109 Milwaukee 99

The Bucks almost did it again. The Pistons were ahead by only a solitary point in the last few minutes until Billups forced the Bucks to belly up with his 3 pt. shooting and his excellent playmaking. Detroit now leads the series , 3-1.
Noticeable was how Big Ben Wallace was not utilized in this very important portion of the ballgame. Mc Nice ( I don't know if this name still applies after that elbow he threw to Bogut ) was used in his place. Match up issue , that's the explanation the announcer used .' Foul trouble ' was Big Ben's explanation. I don't see Big Ben as a big factor in this series unlike in previous year's playoffs . That is bad for a player looking forward to a big fat contract at the end of the season. I am not sure how much Big Ben's tirades against coach Sanders factored in this ' benching '. A coach can make a player and destroy a player as well , Big Ben should keep that in mind.

Otherwise , Big Ben can find himself reduced to an alarm clock. Useful only for a brief moment to wake one up but not even for road games . The hotel desk services take care of that.

Clippers Celebrate Series Victory

LA Clippers 101 Denver 83

The Clips finally made it to the 2nd round of the playoffs. Mobley , Maggette and Cassell made sure of that. The Nuggets made a fight of it in the first 3 quarters of the game but collapsed due to the power of the Clippers .
It's amazing how times have changed in LA land. I mean the Clips portion of LA. Sterling and his team used to be the butt of Jay Leno's and other late night comedian's joke. No mas.
' It would be the Battle Of Hollywood ' said Sam Cassell of their impending series with the Lakers. Assuming the Lakers sink the Suns.
I am sure part of LA is celebrating .The crowd stayed the whole night and went to their fav . restaurants . No service ? Somebody forgot that today is the' Day Without An Immigrant ' . Maria did not show up in the food packaging plant. Jose was nowhere to drive the delivery truck Pedro was absent to wash the dishes. All of them attended the rally today.

' Darn luck . Of all the days to close the series...' . I could just hear Cassell complaining.


Anonymous Rich said...

I Look forward to the Battle Of Hollywood. I hope the Lakers win their series.

4:00 PM  
Anonymous Clipper Jones said...

That was funny. The Clippers not being able to celebrate fully. There's always
tommorow , like after beating the Lakers ? Go Clips !

4:39 PM  
Anonymous allstarsaturday said...

Detroit will wrap up the series on the 5th game.

5:33 PM  
Anonymous Jean said...

I don't think Sanders can afford not to use Ben Wallace . He's too valuable to bench. I expect BW to play in Game 5.

5:46 PM  
Anonymous Canuck said...

I'm looking forward to the Suns - Lakers game tonight. I think this is the best first round playoff series . Nash is really bent on avenging the miscues of the last game. Go Canada !

6:16 PM  
Anonymous Suns Lover said...

SAM-I guess you just have to wait another day or forever . The Suns will prevail.

9:21 AM  

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