Sunday, April 30

NBA Playoff - Day 8

Vince Lifts Nets... Again

New Jersey 97 Indiana 88

Vince did it again. VC led the Nets to victory over the Pacers to tie the series at 2 all. He silenced his critics ...for now. Until the next loss. It seems to some that Vince is the most vilified baller in this playoff . Houston coach Jeff Van Gundy thinks so. How can someone who leads the team in points , assists , rebounds and steals attract so much criticism ? Van ' Gumby ' asked in yesterday's game where he acts as the color analyst for TNT . In the press con, after a loss in game 1 , VC was blamed for shooting too much in the game. ' He did do enough in the 2nd half of game 3 ' said the VC haters. Even his giddyness at the press con after the loss was noted. ' You are supposed to grieve after every loss ' they said.

Be glad VC , you are not an Atlanta Hawk !

Elvis Fails To Help Home Team

Dallas 94 Memphis 89

The presence of many Elvis impersonators before the game did not help Memphis as the Grizzlies went down to Dallas. The Mavs take a commanding 3-0 lead in the series. Dirk N. was awesome as usual scoring the baskets that took the game into overtime.
It was Dallas' show in the extra period. Memphis is winless in the playoffs dating back to last year's post season . It's GM , Jerry West, thinks Miller should shoot more. Maybe Gasol should be more aggressive. Or the Memphis guards should stop their counterparts.

Until that happens, Elvis is still in the building !

Redd , 40 pts.And Kukoc, 40 yrs.old Win

Milwaukee 124 Detroit 104

The Bucks found their mojo in last night's game to surprise the Pistons. The series is now at 2-1 in favor of Detroit. I guess playing at home rejuvenated Redd , Ford , and Kukoc. Yes , he's still alive. Kukoc the former Chicago Bull . Kukoc the favorite of the Bulls' GM Jerry Krause and finally Kukoc the object of Pippen's ire then.
You see , Kukoc playing in Europe . was so desired by Krause then that he was willing to offer Kukoc millions of dollars to join the Bulls.. Sensing this , Kukoc played hard to get. In the meantime , Scottie's contract was up in the air.Come 1992 Olympics , Scottie was playing for the Dream Team with Jordan while Kukoc for his country. Scottie with the help of MJ shut down Kukoc when their countries met.
After that , Scottie got a fat contract from Jerry Krause.

Clips Keeps Lead , Kaman His Dignity

LA Clippers 103 Denver 86

The Denver Nuggets played a listless game 4 to fall behind in its series against the LA Clippers , 3-1. Its was an uninspired game that the crowd nearly fell asleep in the rerefied air of Colorado.
One incident though kept everyone awake for a long time . Well at least those watching the game on TV. This was when Nugget Evans decided to play doctor . His unwilling patient was Clipper Kaman. In their ferocious battle under the boards , Evans naughtily grabbed Kaman's behind . He did not stop there. It seems like Dr. Evans was trying to stick his finger to unwilling patient Kaman's asshole with the latters shorts still on . Kaman was obviously annoyed by the NBA version of Gray's Anatomy that he pushed Evans to the floor . To add insult to insult, the ref gave the Clip a finger .. I mean a ' T ' .

After his playing days are over , Evans can always find a job on TV - CSI , Denver


Anonymous PJ said...

milwaukee was surprisingly good in game 3. detroit was not expecting a 20 pt. blowout. go bucks !

6:56 PM  
Blogger el greco said...

The Nets will take game 5.

8:57 PM  
Anonymous dr.scholl said...

evans is a bad boy.

9:53 PM  
Anonymous cb4 said...

Kukok can still play .Milwaukee needs his championship experience.

10:32 PM  
Anonymous Brian said...

Elvis is dead . Cuban is the new Elvis.
The Mavs will sweep the Grizzlies with another win. They are too strong for Elvis.

9:07 AM  
Anonymous Brian said...

Elvis is dead . Cuban is the new Elvis.
The Mavs will sweep the Grizzlies with another win. They are too strong for Elvis.

9:07 AM  
Anonymous Jean said...

Kama should be commended for keeping his cool.

9:13 AM  

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