Monday, June 30

J.O Not J.Low !

The verdict as far as Jermaine O'Neal's acquisition in place of T.J. Ford, Rasho and change is 50/50 at the moment. But if you watched TSN's The Reporters last Sunday , the latest move by Brian Colangelo was a questionable (???). What do these hockey talking heads know anyway . Dave Hodge and Co. better stick to hockey and occasionally , the sport where the dudes use brooms . J.O. will be OK. He is even high about the coming season. ' I think playing alongside Bosh will give us a different dynamic ' said O'Neal . Like the dynamic duo of Batman and Robin ? The question is who is gonna be Batman and who is gonna be the Mop man ? Or it is Batman and Hasbeen ? The J.O./CB4 tandem is the closest that B.C. can pattern after the succesful K.G. and Pierce duo . Does that mean that Sam Mitchell can begin talking to reporters about championship like Doc Rivers did with the C's at the start of last season ? Yup ! The NBA championship won by the Celtics !
The TSN Reporters complained about the NBA's draft day trades and all and said these transactions are confusing as hell . They said there is something wrong to the fact that O.J. Mayo was drafted by Minnesota only to find out the next morning Mayo is now a member of the Grizzlies . What's wrong with that ? If you are an NBA fan , that's not topsy turvy way of doing things . It's exciting and real NBA fans can follow the movement of players. Take for example the new boxing champion of the world in the lighweight division . Manny ' Pacman ' Pacquiao , boxing's pound for pound best , followed Kevin Garnett to Boston from 'Sota . ' There is only one I want my picture taken with ' said Pacquiao at the dugout after disposing of David Diaz via TKO in the 9th round last Saturday night. It's none other than KG despite that the other members of the Big 3 , Allen and Pierce , together with Cassell , Rondo and Perkins followed the Big Ticket to celebrate the tremendous victory by the champ at his dugout. ' Before , my favorite team was the Timberwolves . When Garnett moved to Boston , I became a Celtics fan '. There . You puckheads see what I mean. In the NBA , there is no difficulty following what's happenning no matter how frenzy player movements are. Just follow the money like Manny !

Friday, June 20

B.C. Needs B.C. Formula !

As NBA draft day nears , I'm sure B.C. is busy . Extra busy or at least , busier than before. Why ? MLSE and the Raptor fans will ask for more now that the rebuilding is on its 4th year. In fact , it should not be called rebuilding at this stage ! Fans who sang B.C. hossanahs the previous seasons are all set to sing him boosanah . Why not ? They were told in year 4 , the Raptors are just about ready to compete for the NBA eastern conference title at least. I listened to Mike Wilbon respond to his partner at PTI whether the Celtics are ready to repeat as NBA champs next year and perhaps start a dynasty . ' It's possible. Detroit is shaking up its line up . King James and the Cavs are still in need of a good back up . Orlando is still young and Washington may be losing Arenas ' Wilbon talked on and on citing 3 other teams but not Toronto. Poor Raps . They are not even in the radar of most knowledgeable NBA followers.
Think very hard ... and fast B.C. Can't you hear the footsteps ... and these are getting louder. If your former colleague , Mike D'Antoni, can be ejected from his seat with the Suns despite a winning record the past seasons ( unlike the Raps who are stuck in the 1st round the last 2 season ), for sure another Steve Kerr is waiting to kick yer ass. So what now B.C ? Simple .The answer can be found in your intials B.C. . Adopt the B.C. formula. Do it the Boston Celtics way ! Get your own KG , Ray Ray and supporting cast to partner with CB4 and watch the team turnaround , pronto.

Monday, June 9

High Def Or High Deaf !

It's interesting to note how the 2 American networks tried to sell the championship series to their audience. First , NBC with the recently concluded Stanley Cup won by Detroit Red Wings in 6 games against the 'young' Pittsburg Penguins and currently , ABC with the Boston - LA NBA battle . The excecutives at the peacock network were extra excited when the Penguins made it to the finals. They reckoned that with Sid ' The Kid ' Crosby headlining the match between 2 hockey towns , the ratings will be a sure hit . But alas , the games of the Stanley Cup failed to even break the Nielsens rating for the week of May 26-June 1. What the 4#$@% ! It proved that currently , Crosby is not a major attraction . ' Crosby is not a crossover star yet ' said the fat host of Pardon The Interruption TV show . The Lebron James of the puckworld failed to pull the TV ratings up despite Crosby's achievements at such an early age . Some people in Canada said it is not Crosby who will save the NHL (in the U.S.). ' It's high definition TV that will save hockey ' shouted a recent article in the local papers to those who have difficulty hearing .
Over here in Canada , the hockey series fared a lot better despite the lack of a Canadian team in the Stanley Cup finals . Canadians are used to watching pucks even amidst snowstorm. No need for high def here . On the other hand , the NBA has what you might call a dream match up . For the 1st time in more than 20 years , the Celtics and the Lakers are in the Finals again . What more can Comm. Stern ask for ? It's like having Indiana Jones and the Ironman in the same movie. The 1st game of the NBA Finals was up 38% from the previous year. That's over there in the south of the border. I am sure as the series reaches the 6th or the 7th game , excitement will reach ultra high. TSN is carrying the games here in Canada . As Canadians are aware , TSN carry its programs in high definition . Not that high def is needed to increase the support of the locals to basketball. How about high sports IQ ?