Wednesday, May 10

NBA Playoffs - Day 18

Cavs Lose Again, Need Makeover

Detroit 97 Cleveland 90

The Pistons were just too good for the Cavs. That's the collective feelings of everybody as Detroit took a 2-0 lead in the series against Cleveland. They led the Cavs by as much as 22 points only to take it easy in the 4th quarter. ' No we were not bored ' answered 'Sheed Wallace when asked the reason for easing up on their opponents. LeBron James had a hard time being his usual high scoring self for 3 quarters. ' They are a great defensive team' said LBJ . You can say
that the Pistons triple team on the phenom worked . I believe some of the Pistons fans called this strategy ' Tame The James ' . The Cavs were so desperate that their coach tried the hack-the-Shaq technique on Ben Wallace. It was abandoned after Ben made 2 of 4 free throws. Coach Brown has to try everything ' to stop the bleeding ' he said to explain the move.

Not everything coach Brown . You could try ' changing the Cavs uniform to Damon Jones leopard coat ' . This will make your players look ferocious , I hope. At the moment . the Cavs look afraid of the Pistons. Even James look resign to the Cavs fate . Like it's dooms day every playing day. ' He is not acting as a leader ' said ESPN Game Night's host of James after he heard his post game statement. After the first game , James was quoted as saying the Pistons are hard to beat. Actually , James may have said that because of the little support he gets from the rest of the starting 5. NBA TV puts the average point production of the James Gang in the first 2 games vs. Detroit at half their season's average. For example , Hughes is only averaging 8 pts per game against the Pistons ! Anyway , going back to making the Cavs assume a fighting personality , aside from the change in uniform , one makeover consultant has a different suggestion . He thinks that to make the Cavs makeover complete , the players should not only keep their ' playoff beard ' . He encouraged the growing of more facial hairs. ' The superpower that is Detroit will burn in hell , said the consultant if they keep the 'playoff beard ' . ' Down with the infidel Pistons ! ' The name of the consultant is OBL here shown advising USA Basketball's Mike K..

Mavs Outran Spurs

Dallas 113 San Antonio 91

The Mavs ran the Spurs to death last night to tie their series at 1-1 . Coach Johnson unveiled a new first 5 with spitfires Harris , Howard and Terry to demolish the Spurs. Coach Avery Johson so outclassed his counterpart that Popovich has nothing but admiration for Dallas ' No excuses . They kicked our asses ' said the veteran coach. More like Howard and Co. ' made you eat their' dusts '. Harris and Howard drove to the basket like crazy , that their guards were left panting at times to the delight of owner , Mark Cuban. ' Me and Devin know our strenghts and weaknesses .We liked going to the basket.' said Howard.
Only Big Fundamental , Duncan , played a decent game for the defending champions, Spurs. He however has to sit down a great portion of the 1st half due to foul trouble. Manu Ginobili and Tony Parker were hobbled by injuries making it difficult for the Spurs to match Dallas' running game.
The rest of the Spurs were either too old or too slow to catch up with the young legs of the Mavs. Not to mention that they are still tired from their 1st round series with Sacramento which extended to 6 games while the Mavs swept Memphis in 4 games. What is Popovich to do ?

Only one thing to do. Activate local hero Speedy Gonzales. Lets see if Harris , Howard and Terry can outrun him !


Anonymous San Antonio Punk said...

ya . all. 'riba , 'riba , Andale ! That is what we need . Speed .

12:48 PM  
Anonymous BB said...

It's likely that the Pistons will sweep the Cavaliers . They're too big and too strong.

7:33 PM  
Anonymous Dallas Cowboy said...

san antonio is banged up.dallas is motivated . these combination means dallas will be hard to beat . go mavs !

8:26 PM  
Anonymous Wolfman said...

it's all over for the spurs. they now belong to the list of ex champs. no dynasty for san antonio . it's dallas time . it's more exciting ball so nba com. stern will be happy for the benefit of the league.

9:28 AM  
Anonymous Alamo said...

The Spura have their reat WATCH OUT DALLAS. It's Spurs time now.Be ready for some ass kickin'

1:00 PM  

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