Friday, May 5

NBA Playoffs - Day 13

RJ Leads NJ To Victory

New Jersey 96 Indiana 90

The Nets clinched its series with the Pacers with a hard fought victory last night. The quartet of KKVJ played their best in the 2nd half to repulse Indiana and Johnson's 40 point performance.
Top scoring for the Nets was Richard J. who was a guest in The Best Damned Sports Show Period the other day. Asked by ex Piston , ex Laker John Salley if he ever tried to flirt with Beyonce ( who is always seated with Nets part owner, rapper Jay Z , near the bench ) , RJ said ' I don't kid around with the owners . It's bad enough that we joked with our coach ' . He called coach Frank as the only 12 year old boy with a receding hairline when the hosts of the show referred to the boyish looking NJ coach as a 12 year old.

That's it . It's a sure bet that New Jersey will win its next series against Pat Riley's Miami.
No one wants to be charged with child abuse. Even if the child has a receding hairline.

Shag Sits Less , Scores More

Miami 113 Chicago 96

It was easier than expected victory that Miami accomplished last night against Chicago. Shaq was unstopabull in last night's game registering a double double. The Bulls were tamer at home this time. It's good because Shaq decided to play gentle as per his father's advice. ' Put the power game away ' said the old man. Shaq has found himself in foul trouble in previous games. His minutes was spent mostly on the bench. That's not good for a $25 million a year man. Shaq is not being paid to sit and watch people duke it out like Simon Cowell

What to do with skyrocketing player's salary ? Especially if the ballers are underachieving. The film industry , to which I also belong , has a solution to this ' dilemna ' . Make part of their salaries dependent on the film's revenues. If the movie flops , the star does not receive anything extra . Like Comedian Jim Carrey who gets $ 20 million a movie , will instead get $ 10 million and a % age of the film's revenues for Fun With Dick And Jane. The movie made only $100 million in the box office .

If a similar scheme is implemented in the NBA , expect more triple double !

Kobe Scores 50 , Lakers 50/50

Phoenix 126 LA Lakers 118

The Suns rose late last night in the East or is it early morn ?. In any case , Phoenix won in OT to tie the series with the Lakers at at 3-3 .. Kobe was unstoppable . With Barbosa's face serving as his elbow's fodder in the Q1, still the Suns won.
Steve Nash , recently voted as one of the 100 Most Influential Men by Time Magazine , influenced the outcome of the game with his masterful and timely baskets and assists. He also influenced the stars , not in the sky , but in attendance at the Staples Center that night. Danzell, Jack and Penny all shone less brightly .

Barbosa , a Brazilian guard , was given the task of guarding Kobe . When interviewed prior to the game how he prepared for the assignment . he said ' I studied Kobe's moves by watching films at my hotel room '. ' I asked Kobe's nemesis , suspended teammate Raja Bell, for some advice on his usual moves '. He psyche himself of how to stop Kobe. In other words, he did all the necesarry preparations for the task ahead.

Last night , Barbosa was able to limit Kobe to just 50 points !


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a game! Phoenix deserved to win . The Suns were the goog guys .Suns lover

1:08 PM  
Anonymous sunslover said...

Barbosa rocks ! He did well last night.
He will do well tonight.

10:21 AM  
Anonymous Kobeliever said...

I expect the Lakers to win today. This time , LA will know how to handle Thomas.

1:53 PM  
Blogger el greco said...

The Nets will surprise the Heat !

3:19 PM  
Anonymous suns lover said...

LA is dead ! Phoenix Wins ! That' aa there is to write.

10:40 AM  

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