Tuesday, May 9

NBA Playoffs - Day 17

Nets Whip Heat

New Jersey 100 Miami 88

The New Jersey Nets jumped into an early lead and never relinguished it for an easy win over the Miami Heat . The trio of Carter , Jefferson and Kidd fired on all cylinders burying the Heat which suffered again from Shag 's early foul troubles. Now questions about Pat Riley's coaching techniques are rearing its ugly head again. Is Riley ineffective ? Is Ron Jeremy look alike , Stan Van Gundy a better coach ? Of course not. Riley is not ineffective . He is a wiser coach now. Then what is wrong ? the Miami faithfuls asked .

The truth is that the NBA has changed . It's someting that the Big Guy has to understand.
' He is a smart man ' Riley told the press people , referring to Shaq ability to adjust. He should follow his dad's advice to abandon the rough style . Shaq scored a double double in game 6 versus Chicago when he played the finesse game , Of course Chandler did not have to reattach his head also after the game. Using your size does not mean you are free to swing your massive arms to Collin's head. The refs will call a foul on you in today's NBA . Shaq has to know that his ' brute like ways ' have no place in the game today . Kareem was able to do it. Wilt was able to do it. ' These are members of ' flopternity ' Shaq complained of ballers who got introduced to his massive arms every now and then. No , according to the refs. It's an offensive foul . That is what is wrong with Miami. Shaq's inability to adjust. Until he learns to do that , the Heat will lose again and again because Shaq is at the bench .

What will happen to Riley ? Well , he could be back to the beach having his tan. It's hard to imagine Riley doing porn. Stan has that role already !

Suns Down Clippers

Phoenix 130 LA Clippers 123

The Suns outran their opponents last night to take a 1-0 lead. ' Tempo , tempo , tempo ' . coach Dunleavy said. The Clippers made the mistake of matching the Suns running game. ' Nobody can play the run and gun style like Phoenix ' one ESPN analyst said. I guess , The Suns have it patented . Phoenix went to town with Bell free of Kobe's elbows. He showed his offensive skills in this game. ' Raja is a complete player ' said coach D'Antoni of the defensive specialist.

Too bad , the Clips wasted Elton Brand 's 4o pt. effort. The Clips were scoring at will until Elton sat down to rest . ' I cannot give Elton a minute rest , can't I ' said his coach . The Suns have no one to match against Elton . His long arms which are same as that of a 7'2'' tall baller gives him an advantage over the Phoenix players who have no one over 6'10'' in height . ' I thought they will change the MVP at halftime ' joked Nash after noting Elton's super performance.
' Personally , I had a great game but we did not close it out ' lamented Elton . Elton should always remember that song otherwise , the Clips will always go down.

It is titled something like this . ' Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me ' by his namesake, Elton John.


Anonymous mIKE IS AWESOME said...

Brand is awesome . The Clip will get game 2 . They know better than to match the SUNS RUNNING GAME !

4:04 PM  
Anonymous Nets said...

The Nets played a beautiful game last night. Jason Kidd hit his shots and the rest followed. The Nets owned the Heat this season.I expect them to win the series easilly.

4:14 PM  
Anonymous sunslover said...

The Sun's are the darling of the basketball world. Their styles - running game and never say die - are exciting . I hope they make it to the Finals .

6:41 PM  
Anonymous hEAT fAN said...

Riley sucks ! He keep using Walker. Go make a porno movie, Riley. Bring back Ron AKA Stan.

7:47 PM  
Anonymous ai said...

the clips should watch the 3 pt. shot. That's what killed them. How about coach Dunleavy fining the guard of Suns player
who makes a 3 pt. shot !

8:06 PM  
Anonymous Wolfman said...

Jefferson is unavailable today but the Nets will still win . Others will step up . I expect Murray , Robinson and Collins to step up .

9:07 AM  

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