Monday, May 8

NBA Playoffs - Day 16

Bowen Stops Dirk , Mavs

San Antonio 87 Dallas 85

Spurs still angry with the NBA scheduling of the 2nd round , managed to squeek past the Mavs for a 1-0 lead in the Battle Of Texas . As a champion , San Antonio expects a few days rest before the start of their game against Dallas but instead got 36 hrs. only !
Spurs Duncan and Bowen delivered the key baskets to bury their opponents. Bowen in particular was good at both sides of the game. Offensively and defensively. He guarded Mavs top scorer Dirk Nowitzki and limited him to 20 pts. Up to now , Nowitzki is not able to solve Bowen. He can score at will against taller guards but against the 6'4'' Bowen , the 7'0'' German is kaput ! Mavs coach Avery Johnson called Bowen's defense as ' bear hugging '. Isn't the bigger guy supposed to ' bear hug ' the smaller one ?
Barkley once said that Nowitzki should use his height against the feisty guard . Nowitzki should use more of his brain ! He seems to be intimidated and tentative in his moves. Consider the last play which could have tied or won the game. Instead of making an attempt, Nowitzki ended up passing the ball . Nowitzki , bothered by Bowen's tight guarding a usual , made a pass which was almost stolen by Ginobli forcing off positioned Stackhouse to miss the last second shot.
Dirk should exorcise Bowen from his whole body if Dallas hopes to win the series. Nowitzki must find ways to win.

Otherwise , Dallas will have NoWinski in this series !

Detroit Beats Cavs, James

Detroit 113 Cleveland 86

You got to give it to Detroit papers for air of arrogance in their newspapers when it comes to their basketball team. Look at the headlines today :
  • Piston' Shooting Chew up Cavaliers
  • James Discovers Who's Really King Of The Palace
  • LeBron Given Education By Devastation
There's no doubt this feeling was brought about by ABC's snubbing of the Pistons . None of their 1st round playoff games vs. Milwaukee were nationally televised while that of LeBon's were. The Pistons were only on national TV yesterday because they are playing ' first time in the playoff ' LeBron !
Detroit fans are still smarting from Billups not being seriously considered for the MVP award ( he ended up 5th in the voting , James second ) and forward Prince not being part of this year's All Star . Prince occupies the same position as James who was the biggest vote getter in the East for forwards.
They see LeBron as everything that's wrong with today's NBA and the fans . Focused only on star attraction . Maybe ? It's like Michael Jordan's days all over again. Piston's Isiah not passing the ball to MJ in the All Star practicaly ' freezing ' him. There is even talk about applying the ' LeBron Rules ' which no doubt will be like the ' Jordan Rules ' of old. It's like the return of the Detroit Bad Boys .

Kobe was right . But not about Raja . Kobe's statement should apply to the many Pistons' fans and newspapermen . They were not hugged enough as kids !


Anonymous Frenh bowen said...

Touche .

12:28 PM  
Anonymous Wallace3 said...

The Detroit Pistons are the best !
They will beat everybody and sweep the series versus the Western conference champion.
Go Pistons !

9:27 AM  

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