Sunday, May 7

NBA Playoffs- Day 15

Suns Win As Kobe Quits Early

Phoenix 121 LA Lakers 90

Phoenix humiliated the Los Angeles Lakers to highlight a day of routs in the sportsworld. The horse Barbaro won the Kentucky Derby by several lengths earlier and Oscar de la Hoya knocked out his opponent in the 6th round later that same day.
The Suns were simply faster and better than the Lakers. ' They have more firepower than us ' said Bryant of the Suns who played before an appreciative homecrowd that includes USA Basketball's coach K. of Duke. Steve Nash credited teammates Boris Diaw and Leando Barbosa with the victory. Diaw totally outplayed Kwame Brown in the middle. Barbosa was playing in a different speed . Super speed. ' He is the Brazilian Blur ' said Nash of Barbosa. Do not confuse the horse with the Phoenix speedster although sometimes you wonder if this is the Kentucky Derby winner disguished as a baller the way he outran the Lakers. Barbaro , is the horse and Barbosa , is the baller . Hmmm.

Kobe was so disheartened that he only attempted thrice in the 2nd half after making 21 pts earlier. Many people criticized Kobe for giving it all up so early in the game. But Phil Jackson was more understanding ' We want to see the maturing of our youthful team ' he said. In other words , let the Laker babies grow. Somehow , there is something wrong here. If the Kentucky Derby winner was masquerading as a baller , could it be that the Phil now is the the reincarnation of the the Kentucky Fried Chicken founder ? His coaching last night was chicken shit !

Maybe Kobe was affected by the sight of Bell's mother hugging Raja ( to humor Bryant's claim that Bell was not hugged as a kid ) or the display of clothes pins by some Suns supporters ( in reference to Raja's collaring of Kobe in game 5 ) ?

Yeah that's it. Ma hugging child and clothes pins remind Kobe of his newly born baby. Kobe wanted to go home early to hug his 2nd baby. Maybe his baby needs a change of diapers ?. There will be no game heroics today. No OT . The Laker babies need to be on their own this time. Kobe has to be with his own baby !


Anonymous suns lover said...

Kobe is a quitter . He cannot accept that the Lakers lost last night even with him scoring 21 pts in the first half that he just gace up when the Suns were ahead by a wide margin early in the final half.

1:43 PM  
Anonymous Kobeliever said...

Ha ' ha , ha . Very funny . Maybe it was not Kobe in the 2nd half. Maybe it was Shaq who do not want the Lakers to enter the 2nd round of the playoffs. The mystery continues ...

2:34 PM  
Anonymous lindros said...

Phil was wrong in matching the Sun's running game. No team can match Phoenix run and gun style. Phil should have stick with the game plan that won them games 3 and 4.

7:57 PM  
Anonymous dlipper jones said...

The Clippers will defeat the Suns. They can match their firepower . Kaman will have no opposirion at center.

8:15 PM  
Anonymous rcanuck said...

Nash is MVP . Kobe is 4th only in the voting.

8:56 PM  
Blogger Greg said...

Phil is a class act but Kobe was probably tired from the night before if you know what I mean!

6:38 PM  

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