Tuesday, May 23

NBA Playoffs - Day 28

Dallas Not Nice To The Spurs In Game 7

Dallas 119 San Antonio 111

Dallas won the ' Heavyweight Fight ' according to coach Avery Johnson to face Phoenix for the Western conference crown. It was a up and down fight at the end after a hot start by the Mavs and poor one by the Spurs. The Spurs were behind by as much as 20 points. ' It was the worst 1st half in my 5 years here ' said San Anronio guard Tony Parker . The Mavs on the other hand were hot, shooting 6o% in the 1st half led by Jason Terry and Howard.
The 2nd half was a different story. The Spurs with the big 3 ( Duncan,Ginobili,Parker ) playing aggressively , rallied to lead for the 1st time. Manu's 3 pointer with seconds left resulted in jubilation by the hometown crowd including Spurs owner Peter Holt , shown here in the photo with Eva L. . On the other side , Mark Cuban was the picture of disbelief. He can't believe that Mavs were in the cusp of defeat once again after being so close to victory. Then a miracle happened . Manu fouled a driving Nowitzki who made the basket for a 3 point play. Overtime. Sagana Diop fresh from the long rest killed the Spurs. He scored , rebounded ,and guarded Duncan in the extension . The Spurs were a spent force in the OT. They were too tired to battle it out with the young legs of the Mavs. ' Diop was huge for the Mavs . He scored 6 points in just 8 mins. in the regulation period and was active in OT ' Steve Kerr said . Cuban is a wise owner . But he was a wiser businessman . Mark let go of Finley to avoid paying about $ 5o million in luxury tax . He also let go of center Bradley and gor 2 centers from Africa. Diop and Congolese one. Instead of getting from Europe as some team do , he got players from Africa. Mark is doing what most businessmen do nowadays. He outsourced from countries where labor is cheap !

The battle of Texas brought out the nastiness in the Mavericks . Asst. coach Dell Harris shouted at Duncan in game 6 . Earlier , Cuban cursed a surprised Bowen and made fun of Riverwalk. He has apologized to Bowen later on. It ain't time to be nice according to Texas group Dixie Chicks ' I am ashamed that the President of the USA is from Texas ' the lead singer of the group once said . She apologized for this remark but recanted the apology recently. How about Cuban ? Will he apologize and recant it too ?

I don't think Cuban will recant his apology . You see , he is not from Texas.

Suns Beat Another LA Team In 7

Phoenix 127 LA Clippers

The Suns conducted a basketball clinic last night in the game vs. the Clippers . The game was a drill on passing and shooting specifically in the 3 pt. area. Basketball efficiency in full display. What makes the game especially embarrassing to the Clippers was that the lessons were from a younger team like the Suns . ' He will always be my rook ' said Sam Cassell of Steve Nash. If Steve is still a rookie to Sam , that makes the likes of Barbosa , Jones , Bell and the other Suns ' babies ' . Maybe Nash and the other older member of the Suns discovered the fountain of youth. Yes , it's called rest. After a 3 day hiatus , the MVP played like the MVP registering a double double. Steve was unstoppable . ' The Clippers don't know how to guard Steve ' said Doug Collins. ' They were guarding him differently in game 6 ' he added. Steve always found the open man . In most of the time , Marion was the lucky recepient .His 3 point shots from the corners were deadly ( 55% ) . If the Clips guards press him , the Matrix in him was evident by driving to the basket '.

One thing noticeable in last night's game was the amount of complaining the Clippers made to the refs. Just about every call made against them was the subject the Clips complain. ' The Clips should just play the game . While they are complaining , the Suns are making their fast break .' said Doug Collins '. Cutino Mobley was a constant complainer . He approached the refs for every call. It was unbelievable. The zebras gave him a ' T ' ' It's hard to say good stuff. ' said Mobley . We shouldn't be here , talking about going home ' .Who said they're going home. The truth is , the Clips are not going home.

If you will ask Kenny of Inside The NBA , they will just go fishin' !


Anonymous Texas Ranger said...

Go Mavs !

3:27 PM  
Anonymous CB4 said...

I'm glad the Mavs won .The Mavs-Miami or Mavs-Pistons is certainly more interesting tha the Spurs versus any Eastern rivals. It's good for the NBA !

3:53 PM  
Anonymous CB4 said...

I'm glad the Mavs won .The Mavs-Miami or Mavs-Pistons is certainly more interesting tha the Spurs versus any Eastern rivals. It's good for the NBA !

3:53 PM  
Anonymous raptor4ever said...

The Suns were the clearly the more conditioned athletes last night. They played excellent running ball. Who said Steve Nash is tired? He outran all the Clippers guards.
The Suns were the winner .
The Clips were the whiner !

4:40 PM  
Blogger el greco said...

Mavs in 6 over the Suns.

5:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great site loved it alot, will come back and visit again.

1:01 AM  

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