Saturday, May 20

NBA Playoffs - Day 27

Pistons Get Another Chaunce

Detroit 84 Cavaliers 82

The Pistons escaped with a win last night forcing a 7th game this Sunday . It was a tough game determined only in the last second when LeBron's intentionally missed free throw did not result in a Cavaliers basket. ' I thought it was going in ' said Ben Wallace of the Ilgaskuas follow up. Rasheed Wallace played his best game of the series perhaps to avoid major embarassment from the numerous guarantee and predictions he made of the Pistons' victory. Even after stumbling with a guarantee that the series will be over in game 5 , Rasheed kept his mouth running . Rasheed continued his confidence bordering to arrogance . He must have prayed big last night that team will not stumble again right in front of the hostile Cleveland crowd . Rasheed must feeling like Britney Spears . You see yesterday , Britney almost stumbled with her baby in arms to the full view of the paparazzi. This incident was the latest in Spears saga bringing questions to her parenting skills. After game 6 , Rasheed was unusually quiet . Not totally . ' It's gonna be bananas , yo ' said Wallace . Thats it 'Sheed . .Keep your sprained ankle wrapped tightly , and your mouth wrapped tighter !

The Cavaliers now face an uphill battle for 2 reasons . 1 ) The Cavs will play before Detroit's fans
2 ) the Cleveland is young team with a rookie coach. Remember that the team's leader is a 21 years old on his 1st playoff . In fact last night's game , some fans think that James should have tried for the 3 pt. shot instead of a pass. Scottie Pipen is still a believer . If the voting is held today , James will win the MVP ' he said.

Coach Brown said ' This is what the NBA playoff is all about. We've won there before , we will win again ' . Thats if you coach well . Alot of people think Drew Gooden should have been in the game in the last minute . Remember Gooden made that last basket in game 6 . But more than that , he could had been a huge help in rebounding. The Pistons collared the all important rebounds in the last minutes of the game. ' We lacked the efforts ' said Eric Snow of the missed rebounds. Actually , Eric has been playing very well in this series . Although not scoring big , his defense on ' Mr.Big Shot ' Billups has been super .

I think as long as Snow keeps Chauncey Billups' scoring down , the Cavs winning stands a a good chaunce !

Saint Eva Answers Spurs Prayers

San Antonio 91 Dallas 86

The San Antonio Spurs grind it out to win and extend the series against Dallas to the 7th game. The Spur should be the favorite in game 7 as they will be playing in front of the hometown crowd . They seem to have found their mojo or should it be cojones after 2 straight victories I noticed that the game last night was played to their tempo. Not quite. Bill Walton and Co. said the game last night was grind it out type as the scores seem to indicate. But it is still a fast paced one. Manu was fantastic . He seem to be back to his usual daredevil self . After a lackluster start in the series , Ginobili' play in the last few games were the saving grace of the Spurs . Ii's as if he is saying to his countrymen ' don't cry for me Argentina '. In a country crazy with soccer , a star in another sport is rare. Rarer still that non football stars make big bucks , Ginobli lives in fear of kidnappings back home today. Not like during in the days of Eva Peron , the charismatic Argentine leader , who a lot of Argentians consider a Saint. Saint Eva . San Antonio still have Saint Eva. Saint Eva Longaria.

The Spurs call on her on desperate times like last night !

One thing sure about the game last night , there was a lot of animosity from the crowd against the Spurs particularly Finley . One fan distributed Terry's jerseys to people sitting on the courtside. When the generous fan offered the the jersey to a nice couple , they declined . The 2 are the owners of the Spurs .

As you recall , Terry was suspended for punching Finley' in the crotch in game 6.' I think the crybaby in Tim Duncan wore off on Mike ' complained Dallas owner Mike Cuban. ' I have a lot of respect for Mike. I respect his acting ability a lot more ' he added . Maybe Cuban said this in the heat of the moment . ' Cos if there was any acting done now and in the past , it came from Cuban. He played a character named Macho Mark in a film before he hit it big . Before the game , he was seen playfully greeting Actress Eva Longaria. Mark is definitely showbiz . Bigtime . And the NBA is the stage for him ! Now Macho Mark is leaving that macho thing to Macho Randy ( show here with MC in the photo ).

Macho Mark is now Mucho Mark. Mucho Dinero !


Anonymous brian said...

nice post . the thing abt. mark cuban is interesting

4:53 PM  
Blogger coach said...

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11:20 AM  
Anonymous CB4 said...

Mark Cuban should keep quiet like Rasheed. He is putting his team in a disadvantage .Move on Mark. The Terry issue is done .

11:28 AM  
Anonymous Kevin Federline said...

Britney is an unfit mother . The Animal Rights group should take her son from her.

2:40 PM  
Anonymous Spur Of the moment said...

Cuban was a former porno star.

2:44 PM  

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