Monday, May 15

NBA Playoffs - Day 22

Heat X Factors Cross Out Nets

Miami 102 New Jersey 92

Shaq and Dwayne Wade led the Heat to a 3-1 lead in their series against the Nets yesterday in front of dissapointed NJ fans and national TV audience . The game was close until Payton hit a three pointer . ' We know that Dwayne and Shaq will get their points ' Vince Carter said during the post press con . But the Nets don't expect the others to get into the scoring mood. It's the night of the X factors. In Miami's case , the X Men. Antoine Walker and Udonis Haslem each scored 20 pts. . The former Boston Celtic Walker hit 3 pointers all night . From all sides of the court. I think it was Antoine's best game in the playoff. ' I am waiting for Antoine to play the role of Horry in our team ' Shaq said during the regular season of Walker's importance to Miami. Horry was the big time 3 pt. shooter of the Lakers who is now playing for San Antonio.

Udonis Haslem hit timely 12-15 ft. jumpers accurately. It seems like Haslem hit everything but nothing more timely than the one he made following a pass from Nets' Collins during a scramble for the ball. ' It was the turning point in the game because that one was shot with only 2 sec. remanining in the shot clock ' said Pat Riley. Haslem has the habit of ' playing ' with his mouthguard every break in the game especially after he scored a basket. He sure did a ot of mouthguard playing yerterday !

Of course there was Payton's 3 pointer from a pass from Wade in the closing seconds of the game . It was the only basket for the vet known as The Glove in his younger days . He is also known for his constant shooting . Shooting of the mouth. This was recently in full display in the Chicago series with his verbal spat with teammate Wade. Payton is considered as one of the league's premiere thrash talkers with Sam Cassell and now retired Larry Bird. Bird's trash talk was more of the ' biting ' kind. This was the kind Dr. J received leading to their famous ' neck grabbing fight ' .

Of course in today's NBA . that does not happen anymore. The players can engage in ' mouthguard pulling ' instead !

Coach Cassell Is In Charge Last Night

LA Clippers 114 Phoenix 107

Sam Cassell made sure he is on the floor most of the final quarter in game 4. . The result was different than game 3 . Cassell made clutch baskets including a timely 3 pointer to help the Clippers tie the series at 2 all. Coach Dunleavy got a lot of criticism for the oversight in game 3 . There was nearly a 10 minute stretch in the fourth quarter that Dunleavy kept the veteran Cassell on the bench in game 3 . The coach said he has no regrets .

The Clippers played ' small ball ' due to the absence of Kaman who have a ' shoulder ' problem . ' We called a chiropractor , a doctor everbody to work on his problem ' said Dunleavy of the efforts done to enable Kaman to suit for the game to no avail. Many wished that he called a hair cutter too to work on Kaman's hairdo !
The Phoenix team has a small line up so this was not much of a problem for the bigger Clips. ' It's like a tournament for 6'6'' over here ' said TNT Analyst Doug Collins . Bell was fantastic with 7 three pointers for the Suns while MVP Nash's play was below average .

Brand played really well . He continually abused his Phoenix guards Diaw , Thomas and Marion . Radmonovic was deadly inside and outside . It's a must for Radmanovich to perform well if he wants to get a new contract with a sizeable increase in pay at the end of the season . The 6'10'' forward played with NBAers Pacer Stojakovic , Laker Vujavic , Timberwolf Jaric and Suns Cabarkapa in the powerful Sinalco team before joining the NBA.

' Coach ' Cassell was something else really . He wants to be a head coach when his playing days are over . Sam thinks he'll play for another 2-3 years and then he expects to be ' sitting on the bench '.

That maybe the reason why Dunleavy ' benched ' you , Sam , without regrets. You are after his job !


Anonymous Clipper jones said...

Sam showed them all that he is a great player . Clutch hitter par excelence . The Clips better not let him go .

1:47 PM  
Anonymous bRIAN said...

Walker and Haslem were tremendous . If not for them the Nets - Heat series might be 2 all. The Nets will rebound today.

10:43 AM  
Anonymous CHIP said...

The Clippers should sign Radmanovich to long term contract.
He is worth it !

3:40 PM  
Anonymous BB said...

Jefferson should try yanking out Haslem's mouthguard !

4:20 PM  

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