Saturday, May 13

NBA Playoffs - Day 20

Riley Did Heavy Math , Heat Win

Miami 103 New Jersey 92

Dwayne Wade scored 15 pts. in the last quarter after being KO 'd courtesy of Carter and no points in Q3. Most of the points came in the crucial minutes when the Heat took the lead and held on to it. ' They got a little separation ' said Carter of the time when the Nets' turnovers led to baskets by the Heat.
The Heat played good defense in the 2nd half that both Kidd and Jefferson had only a combined 6 points . If not for VC's 43 points , the Nets will be in the same predicament as in game 2. Nenad Kristic was off all night long. ' I can't remember the last time I shot like this ' said Kristic. How about the time you still have plenty of hair in front , Nenad ?

Pat Riley's was going to let VC make his points and shut down the rest of the NJ' s scorers. It worked. The Heat got back the homecourt advantage with the series at 2-1. Riley emphasized that the team worked on their math and figured out that this is a must win game.
' We deduced that if we lose this game . we'll be 2-1 , or maybe 3-1 . It will be hard for us ( to win the series) '. Riley said something like this. In fact , Riley sounded like someone who just figured out the solution to a lingering mathematical problem. Like Russel Crowe's role in the film A Beautiful Mind .

I guess Pat Riley deserved a doctor's degree in Mathematics !

Cassell Misses Shot , ClipsThe Lead

Phoenix 94 LA Clipper 91

The Clippers showed their weakness in full view of the Suns and the crowd -execution. The Suns were on the brink of defeat and complete surrender of the homecourt advantage until the Clips found a way to lose the game last night. They blew a 11 point lead and commited some silly fouls to boot. ' With the free throws that they shot , they killed us ' said their coach Mike Dunleavy , a 6th round draft pick of the Philadelphia in 1976 . It is no surprise that a number of Clippers were frustrated with the loss that put the Suns ahead in their series , 2-1.
' It's frustrating . We missed some easy lay ups . I missed three of them ' said Mobley. The Suns were ripe for beating. Nash shot poorly all throughout the game except that go ahead basket in the Q4. ' We showed a little more guts today but we did not play well. ' said the 2005 and 2006 MVP.

Again to the trained eye , it's the Clippers inability to continually exploit their advantage in the middle that cost them the game. Although the Suns double teamed Brand this time , the ball movement was poor.

At the closing minute of the game , Dunleavy put in veteran Sam Cassel who took an ill advise 3 pt. shot and missed. . Sam should know better than shoot after a long stint at the bench. Sam was cold . With the missed shot , goes the ballgame. And the hope of the so called Clipper Nation who claimed the Staples Center temporarilly ( from the ' playoff ousted ' Lakers) as their home.

Cassell must remember , a minute left in the game does not mean the Minutemen will come after him . They're only after illegal aliens in this world . Not Aliens !


Anonymous cb4 said...

Prof. Riley . Sounds good.

9:42 PM  
Anonymous GAME BOY said...

Tne Nets missed a golden opportunity last night . Shaq was in FT and Wade was down. The Heat are unstoppable now !

2:59 AM  
Anonymous CHIP said...

i disagree . i think sam is a good point guard. iy's only 1 loss . the clippers will be back.

4:02 AM  
Anonymous FD said...

I would like to see the Nets beat the crap out of Haslem and Walker. 'Zo too.
Go Nets !

2:08 PM  

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