Tuesday, May 16

NBA Playoffs - Day 23

James Voids 'Sheed Guarantee

Cleveland 74 Detroit 72

LeBron and Friends proved a lot of people wrong last night in a' grind and scratch ' game 4 which they came out on top . ' There were many people who didn't believe in us . Some in our own backyard ' lamented James who almost registered his 3rd triple double in the error filled game ( he also had 8 errors ) . ' We don't listen to Charles Barkley . Not ever. ' added James. Barkley predicted the Pistons will have an easy series , even a sweep , after a 2-0 start by Detroit. But no one was more wrong than Rasheed who loudly proclaimed that there will be no more game at Quick Loans Arena ! Rasheed , LeBron said that you can stay at his house on game day ! Funny .

The low score reflected the defensive stance by both teams. The Cavaliers was especially proud of Varejao's efforts who coach Brown pointed out as ' the fastest 7'0'' baller on his feet '
Particularly in that instant when he took a charge from Billups . The Pistons guard got away from Murray for a clear drive to the hole. It was quick positioning by a baller called ' Andy ' by his teammates that prevented a sure 2 by the Pistons. Billups was called for a charging foul.
Varejao was instrumental in keeping Rasheed honest . In one play , he swiped the ball out of Rasheed's hands leading to a fastbreak by the Cavaliers to the delight of the crowd . I bet Varejao can run for mayor now of Cleveland and win . But first , he must renounce his Brazilian citizenship. Rasheed was defiant ater the game. He was practicing what ESPN called ' arrogance even in the face of obvious defeat ' .

Coach Sanders tried a different man on LeBron . ' I put Hamilton on him so that he will have a different look .' That was supposed to untrack the King . James called Hamilton's defense ' scrappy ' is it ? I am not sure if he meant scrappy or scratchy . Ben Wallace tried very hard to block LeBron's shots but got all air. You can say that the NBA's Defensive Player Of The Year was really itchy to ' swat ' LBJ's drives . In short , the Pistons' vaunted defense cannot stop James. They can only ' itch ' and ' scratch ' the King !

Hamilton and Big Ben were turned into Itchy and Scratchy last night by LeBron !

Mavs , Jet Jettison The Spurs

Dallas 123 San Antonio 118

Jason Terry killed the Spurs' hope of tying the series with the Mavs by hitting key baskets in regulation and overtime periods . The baller nicknamed the Jet topscored for Dallas . The Mavs take a commanding 3-1 lead. Duncan missed the shot that would have given the Spurs the victory in the regulation period. Avery J. subsitution pattern was excellent. None better than Howard subbing for Stackhouse in the closing seconds of regulation. It was an excellent move because Howard made a basket and tapped the ball to his teammate during a mad scramble under the basket. Also , you never know what Stack will do this time under pressure. In game 1 , he stepped back for a 3 pointer when a 2 pointer would have tied the game. The Mavs lost after the desperate three pointer with Ginobli all over Stack. In game 3 , Stack bungled a missed free throw when the ball failed to hit the rim . The Mavs were lucky to escape with a victory.
I guess AJ and the coaching staff were afraid Stack might eat the ball or something !

The game was touch and go and according to Steve Kerr ' of high quality ' . There were some occasional technicals on both sides.A technical was called on Ginobli when he tangled with Nowitzki after a free throw. ' It's funny how the game has changed ' said Kerr . ' I watched the Lakers vs. Pistons game earlier in ESPN Classics and those folks really battle each other without the refs making calls ' he added. That's the new NBA. I recalled an interview done by Cabbie involving a Toronto Maple Leaf player . He asked whether the NBA should allow fighting like they do in the NHL . ' But NBA basketball players are soft '. answered the hockey guy.
Stern won't ever allow NHL type fighting because he has read 'The Punch ' . This is the book recalling the Rudy T. and Kermit Washington incident. He's afraid that if he allowed fighting in the NBA , half of the players will be suspended and charged.

Not with technicals . But with murder !


Anonymous brian said...

Nice post. So true too. I read The Punch and what Rudy T. endured was a nightmare. The Doctors have to reconstruct his face several times. It compared the punch to being hit by a truck running at a high speed .
It will make the Bertuzzi incident in the NHL look like kid's play !

4:12 PM  
Anonymous cb4 said...

Stupid NHL player. As stupid as Cabbie. Why don't we put NHL vs. NBA players in a boxing match. Let's see who will come out the winners !

5:09 PM  
Anonymous ALAMO BOy said...

Clippers in 6.

5:37 PM  
Anonymous mike is awesome said...

andy was awesome. he is a very smart player and brave one. i think he is better than his countryman , nene . he is defitely more active than another countryman -araujo. everybody is more active than araujo. even the refrigerator !

6:08 PM  
Anonymous Pistons Are Dead said...

Itchy and Scratchy . I like that. Lebron said that Rip apply scratch and claw defense . I though only women do that. I forgot , also cats ... with 2 legs!

6:27 PM  
Anonymous JETHRO said...

Jet is phenomenal in this game. He made Timmy look like a fool in one play. Like a fool trying to catch a fly !

9:09 AM  
Anonymous rimrocker said...

Nasty . That Washington punch.
Defitely no NHL style fightin in thr NBA

1:34 PM  
Blogger NIKEY said...

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3:03 PM  
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