Friday, May 19

NBA Playoffs - Day 26

Series Extended To 7 Game

LA Clippers 118 Phoenix 106

The 6th game of the series game was as expected . Phoenix played like it wants a game 7 'coz its too tired to win game 6 . The Clippers played their hearts out to extend the series. So, all is set for the big event. Tired legs will be well rested . The whole Clippers Nation spent most of the game standing up . Definitely tired legs for the opposing point guards Sam Cassell and Steve Nash. Sam is 39 years old and Steve is the same if the mileage on his legs are considered. You know how important the PG's role in both teams are but especially in a young team like the Clippers.

Ask the Russian basketball team coach that in the 80's. The year after the USA Basketball team suffered its first loss ever in the
Olympics , a Russian basketball team made a US tour for a series of games against top US collegiate teams. In one of these exhibition games , the Russians went up against the Providence team with guard Ernie Di Gregorio. The Russian team and its coach were so impressed by the 6'0'' point guard that the coach said after the game ' Give me your point guard and I can beat any team in the world '. Ernie D was later drafted in the NBA by Buffalo Braves now the LA Clippers. Of course later on in his short lived NBA career , Ernie D was called Ernie No D . He cannot play decent defense !

In the 6 th game , Quinton Ross was huge . Ross known for his defensive prowess scored a personal scoring high with 16 pts. coming in the 1st half. On the Suns side , Leandro Barbosa was phenomenal. Just 23 years old , he showed real promise . Ross was shooting like Bob McAdoo of the Buffalo Braves nee Clippers . Mc Adoo a prolific scorer in his heydays is now the Assistant coach of Miami Heat . A lot of people cannot believe Mc Adoo was not included in the Top 5o NBA players . I'm sure he does'nt mind. To Mc Adoo' it's mc adoo about nothing '

Ross hardly missed the baskets especially in the 1st half . ' We don't look to him to score. Anything he gives you is excellent and extra ' said Clippers center Kaman of Ross efforts.
You can say that this series brought the supporting cast in the limelight. Aside from Barbosa , there was Raja Bell in game 5. ' Bell was undrafted after college and toiled in other leagues before making the NBA. The Suns is paying him $ 10 million which is a bargain ' said ex San Diego Clipper Bill Walton . Bill , the Master Of Exaggeration , was very complimentary of Bell's strengths you would think he is a superstar . The way Bill praised Bell 's qualities , one would think the Phoenix guard is the second coming of Michael Jordan.

Might as well change Bill Walton's name to Bell Walton !


Anonymous clipper jones said...

I am excited about game 7 . It's the best thing that happened to the Clippers Nation. Now they won't call us losers anymore !

1:57 PM  
Anonymous SUNS LOVER said...

The Suns after the 3 day rest will be back to their usual running game.
I expect the Clippers to bo the Suns 2nd LA teams to beat. Go SUNS !

2:52 PM  
Blogger el greco said...

suns in game 7.

3:37 PM  
Anonymous raptor4ever said...

I watched an old NBA All StAR game featurin Mc Adoo . He was an amazing jump shooter and scorer . It ia shame , he was not in the Top 50 .

10:46 AM  
Anonymous merv said...

Bill Walton is a joke !

11:31 AM  

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