Wednesday, May 17

NBA Playoffs - Day 24

Slugs High With Series Win , Frank Down

Miami 106 New Jersey 105

The Heat marched into the Eastern conference finals by winning the series against New Jersey, 4-1 . Miami came from a 12 point deficit in the 2nd quarter then battled the Nets all the way to the bitter end . Kidd' pass with 2 secs. left was stolen by Wade . The win came despite the excellent play of the big 3 - Jefferson, Carter and Kidd. The Heat victory was made possible by another great performance by Walker . ' Our win is not possible without him ' said Miami coach Pat Riley . It's the second straight game in the series that Walker scored 20+ points. He really has come a long way . Walker was the subject of boos from the Heat fans because of his ill timed 3 pointers and shots that won't even hit the rim. Now he hit the jackpot so to speak . Walker is the ultimate survivor. Let's just hope he won't suffer the same fate as the 1st winner of the TV's Survivor , Richard Hatch.

At the interview after the game , Riley noted the change in the team's competitiveness. ' Our team is beginning to become bouyant ' said Riley who will return to the conference finals for the 1st time in 9 years. ' Their team is built for the playoff ' said Vince Carter of the Heat team that was overhauled with the addition of Williams , Walker , Posey and Payton . These 4 Heat players are the slugs Charles Barkley alluded to . Walker was angry at this insult from Barkley .
I won't be surprised if Charles and 'Toine go on a slugfest anytime soon !

Coach Frank was obviously down after the season ending loss. It's reflected in his demeanor and his voice during the post game press con. How can your team lose with your top 3 playing at such a high level ? Was it due to Kristic's sub standard series ? Was it the poorly drawn last play that did not result in an attempt at the basket ? Is GM Rod Thorn going to replace him with Larry Brown ? Well, we don't know for sure what will happen . I think for the next few days , coach Frank will be down.

I guess it doesn't matter if coach Frank is down for the Nets' Robinson . As long as he is high !

Phoenix In Double OT Win

Phoenix 125 LA Clippers 118

The Suns won a thriller last night vs. the Clippers in double OT . Phoenix' Bell shot an incredile 3 pointer from the sides with Ewing all over him to tie the game in regulation. LA rallied from 19 points down with the combination of Brand and Cassell leading the way. The Suns , however , refused to lose . With Marion jumping for rebounds and follow ups , and Thomas canning the 3 pt.shots , they fought the Clips toe to toe . ' The Suns will keep shooting until they find the rythm ' said TNT Analyst Doug Collins. And they did despite their shooting woes with just 39 % FG. It's every baller's dream to play for the Suns . Coach D' Antoni gives one a free reign as far as shooting the ball is concerned . I hope Pres. Bush will not give the National Guards a free rein in shooting illegal aliens crossing the Mexico - Arizona borders . You never know . They might be Suns fans !

Surprisingly Laker Fan Numero Uno , Jack Nicholson was in attendance last night. Also included in the 18,440 strong crowd was Billy Crystal. I wondered how these actors become hooked on basketball.
As the basketball connection of their films , Crystal has 2 at least I can recall. Forget Paris where he played a ref and My Giant which is not a exactly a basketball movie but his co star , Mureshan , a bonafide NBA player.
As to Jack , I cannot think of any . Although in the movie , One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest , there was a character the asylum inmates called Chief because the inmates thought he was mute . He was a big Indian, Like Robert Parish of Boston Celtics. The inmates taught Chief how to play basketball while Parish teammates called him ' Chief ' based on this character.
No.00 formed one of the best frontcourt in the history of the NBA with Kevin McHale and Larry Bird .

People are wondering whether Jack has switched sides. Whether he will replace Kobe with Sam Cassell. If you will ask Jack , he will just go ' Chief ' on you !



Anonymous Brian said...

Chief was great. Silent but deadly . I think he's scouting for the Bulls or the Celts.

1:29 PM  
Anonymous heater said...

congrats to the heat. now , let's beat detroit.

1:45 PM  
Anonymous Clipper jones said...

The Suns were just lucky last night. Ewing was not properly instructed on how to handle Bell. I blame the coach.

2:06 PM  
Blogger el greco said...

The clippers will win the last 2 games !

2:10 PM  
Anonymous Ma Bell said...

Raja has ice on his veins. Ultimate Mr. Clutch . We are witnesses. Take that, Kobe !

3:00 PM  
Anonymous sun lover said...

Nash played poorly the last 3 games. I think he's lega are tired . The Suns must close out the series soon to rest his legs before starting another one .

8:27 AM  
Anonymous raptor4ever said...

Barkley is a Slug !

12:15 PM  

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