Monday, May 22

NBA Playoffs - Day 27

Pistons Whip Cavaliers In Game 7

Detroit 79 Cleveland 61

Detroit marched to the finals of the Eastern conference with an easy , well at least in the second haf , victory over upstart Cleveland. After leading by only 4 points in the 1st half , the Pistons went to work in the final half . They applied their vaunted defense coupled with a smooth offense missing in the past 3 games. ' We have always played good defense in this series but now our offense came with it ' said victorious coach Flip Sanders. The Pistons offense was led by a baller formerly known as Prince , the defensive specialist. Prince topscored for Detroit with 20 points.
Now, the Motown ballers rest for a day before they face the waiting Miami Heat . Miami with a well rested Shaq and a healthy Dwayne Wade has a better supporting cast this time. A strong supporting cast noticeably lacking in the Cavs line up. James must get assurance from Cleveland management that it will continue tinkering with the line up before signing a contract extension. He definitely need a consistently strong second scorer in the mold of a say Richard Jefferson. Like MJ has Scottie . Like Duncan has Tony Parker . Like Bill Clinton has Hilary. Like Brad has Angelina. Or is it the other way around . Angelina has Brad . Who is more popular ? No doubt . Angelina . There's even talk about Angelina for President. Angelina is shown here in the photo talking to the UN Sec. Gen. Koffi Annan. Maybe she is asking Koffi for a cup of coffee !

The Miami team is eager to exact revenge from last year's defeat since they disposed of New Jersey several days ago. Some , however , think a long layoff is a disadvantage. You know a case of ' rust ' or 'rest ' . Former NBA great , Doug Collins believes rest is better . ' It does'nt take much to get back to condition. Maybe after the 1st quarter , you're back in rythm '. Miami is healthy this time . Dwayne Wade last year had a rib injury . Shaq definitely benefited from the long rest . Riley said that Shaq play better with 2-3 days rest between games . Shaq has more than that. Expect a ferocious Shaq Attack !

But the key to Miami's victory will be the slugs. Walker , Williams , Posey and Payton must play really well. Like they did against the Nets . Riley should be thanking the Chuckster for calling Wade and Shaq's supporting cast slugs. Since Barkley used this term on Walker and Co. , they started playing well although they are reportedly not happy to be called slugs. ' . These Miami players should not be too sensitive ' Barkley said in Inside The NBA . ' They should just play ' he added. And they did . Barkley feels he must continue challenging the Miami supporting cast.

I think he bet the Heat will beat the Pistons . For $ .5 miilion perhaps !

What should I call them this time ? Morons .


Anonymous cb4 said...

Miami will kick Detroit's ass this time. The Heat are well prepared and ready unlike before. Riley has the experience Van Gundy does not have.

2:22 PM  
Anonymous Piston Pete said...

I expect my Pistons to win it all . They had disposed of nuisanse Cavaliers , now it's time to sweep the Heat. Nobody in the Heat can guard 'Sheed . Wade is no better than LeBron .Shaq is over the hill. Go Pistons Go !

3:13 PM  
Anonymous bRIAN said...

Screw Barkley . The Pistons have the momentum now. They are playing like the old Pistons .

4:14 PM  
Blogger el greco said...

Heat in 6.

4:24 PM  
Anonymous Jane said...

Boo Barkley .

7:52 PM  
Anonymous tiff said...

I'll be the one Pistons fan to not cast a prediction...just wanted to say hi, boss! :)

11:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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