Sunday, May 28

NBA Playoffs - Day 33

Miami Heat Hacks Pistons

Miami 98 Detroit 83

Shaq and Dwayne Wade led the torture of the hapless Pistons last night to lead the series 2-1 .
The Pistons are without their swagger again. Yes, there were paltry resistances from Mr. Big Shot and 'Sheed, but no Prince . No Big Ben. It was like the Pistons were a spent force midway into the series. I think the fans of Motown are in a funky mood right now not knowing what to do to wake up their beloved team . Especially Big Ben . He was atrocious in the foul throw line. Worse than Shaq. A lot worse. ' One must feel for Ben ' the announcer said. Not really said the Pistons fans. They cannot understand how one can call himself a professional basketball player and shoot 20% of his foul shots. Ben was so terrible that the Heat was enjoying doing the ' Hack- A-Ben ' to him. ' It's a good strategy. Fouling Ben breaks Detroit's momemtum ' said Pat Riley . It means that unlike Hack-A-Shaq which the opponents resort to only at the closing minutes of the ballgame , to send Ben to the foul line , can be done anytime during the game ! Besides , Shaq is now making his foul shots. You feel see the anger in the Pistons fans' eyes.To them Ben has suddenly became a villain. His teammates tried not to look at Ben . Ben was becoming ostracized by the whole team. Ben feels like Ben Laden !

Shaq meantime was the Shaq of old. Sort of . ' Shaq is forever young ' announced Bill Walton of ESPN. The way Shaq was dominating the game , it certainly was half true . ' He totally outscored the Pistons frontline ' Walton added. He was good last night but not totally dominating .It's really different from his LA days where Shaq was the bread and butter of the team. The opponents shudder at thought of tangling with him. Several times during this series, Shaq laid sprawling on the floor. Even Shaq defers to Wade now. Wade is the Heat's leader . The crowd knows that . Payton should know that.
One writer was not too happy with Shaq's actuation. He thinks that he still earn the biggest bucks , and to capitulate to Wade is ducking the responsibilities . ' Shaq should give back part of his salary ' the writer angrily said. ' The Heat must cut his salary as part of cost cutting. Like companies do . No way . I survived ' Hack-A-Shaq' , there is no way I will agree to ' Cut-A-Shaq ' Shaq must have said .
' Cut-A-S'haq ', hmmm


Anonymous cb4 said...

The Pistons were terrible last night .Prince was invisible . Walker outplayed him. I don't know what's wrong with them.

2:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

the heat is awesome.unstoppable. it's the nba championship for miami. no one can beat them now !

4:43 PM  
Anonymous Sex Piston said...

pistons will play better today. i expect them to kill the heat with better 'd' .

9:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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1:01 AM  

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