Saturday, May 27

NBA Playoffs - Day 32

Mavs Learn Its Lessons , Bounce Back

Dallas 105 Phoenix 98

The Mavs learned from their mistakes in game 1 to beat Steve Nash and the Suns last night. Dallas held on to its lead despite Tim Thomas accurate 3 pt. shots . ' Dallas is staying with Steve . The Mavs guards are not leaving their men when he enters the shaded area ' said Hubie Brown. Good for them. The lessons of the past started to sink in . Until the next game. Let's see. Midway in the 4th quarter , the Jet found his marks . After firing blanks earlier , Terry together with Jerry Stackhouse , came alive and made basket after basket to keep the Suns at bay. Phoenix did not have the answer this time . Stackhouse was driving to the basket seemingly at will. ' Stackhouse always drives to the right . One should be aware of this all the time ' opined Steve Kerr. Steve Nash is more likely dish out a pass to a teammate rather than do a lay up . And so on and so forth. Players must therefore review and absorb the scouting report on their opponents. It's not as easy as it seems . Most players hate anything that means ' study ' , ' review ' and ' reports '. These words remind them of their school days. However , I bet these players remember every movement of the Playstation version of their opponents !

The key to Mavericks' victory is playing with a sense of urgency. ' They are not playing in desperation ' said Charles Barkley . Had the Mavs lossed, they would be desperate alright. They cannot afford to go down 0-2 with the next 2 games in Phoenix. Barkley picked the Mavs to win the series against the Suns. This made a number of people in the Valley wonder if Barkley is not unfair to their team. The former Suns player defends his choice . ' Over the long haul , can the Suns make enough 3s on a seven game series against a team like Dallas . I don't think so ' Barkley said. Despite of the Suns record in a long drawn out series ? The Suns beat LA Lakers in 7 games in the 1st round of the playoffs. In the next round , they beat LA Clippers also in 7 games. So the Suns coaching staff and the players have devised some simple plans.
End the series before game 7 or if there is a game 7 ,
Pretend the DalLAs Mavericks , are the LA Mavericks !

We will beat LA Mavs !


Anonymous SUNS LOVER said...

yo right on ! Finish the Mavericks in 5 games. Barkley will eat his words again.

12:46 PM  
Anonymous cb4 said...

the mavs-suns series is more exciting than the detroit-miami series. it is non stop action . a real shootfest in the west !

1:05 PM  
Anonymous raptor4ever said...

what a series. It is slam bang basketball. It's not a longshot that the Suns will prevail. They are hot right now. The hottest in the NBA !

2:28 PM  
Anonymous Jane said...


3:38 PM  
Blogger el greco said...

The Suns without Raja may have a hard time

9:08 PM  
Anonymous kev said...

f%#k barkley . he don't know nuthin' .

11:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I say briefly: Best! Useful information. Good job guys.

1:01 AM  

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