Saturday, June 3

NBA Playoffs - Day 39

White Boy Takes White Hot Heat To Title

Miami 95 Detroit 78

The Miami Heat got the last obstacle out of the way for the Eastern Conference title and their first NBA finals ever. The Heat did it in a grand fashion by demolishing the Detroit Pistons . This victory was made especially sweet because of the ' below average ' contribution by the sick DWade . ' It was the Shag-JWill combination this time ' said Hubie Brown. They shot a phenomenal 22/26 combined . JWill was 10 for 10 until he incurred his 1st miss on a solo layup ! Unbelievable . ' I told him to take Billups to the basket . Have him play defense ' said Payton to Williams . That explained Williams extra aggsesiveness early in the game. In their series , Mr. Big Shot was having a field day taking Williams to the basket . ' That basket was there all the time ' basketball experts unanimously say. JWill reversed the tables on Billups in last night's game decreasing the Detroit's guard offensive effectiveness. Billups spent most of his energy guarding Williams .
Williams had to do it to take the burden off Shaq and Wade . But most especially ,Williams had to do it take the burden off his ears from the motormouth Payton .
Williams can endure Billups .
But not Payton's constant blabbering !

Before the game , the Heat fans were worried that it was deja vu of last year's events. You know , the Heat losing game 6 with Wade injured forcing game 7 which the Pistons won at Detroit. Dwade wants nothing of that . ' Back in the locker room after losing last year, I cannot forget the look in my teammates' faces .' recalled the prodigious Heat player . This time , the Heat ' slugs ' did not wilt under pressure . Haslem , Walker , and Posey. But most of all as I've said , the man they call JWill . Known also as the ' White Chocolate ' or ' White Boy ' and formerly called Jason Williams. ' I got to change my name , man . There are too many Jayson Williams in the NBA ' JWill said then. ' Then ' was when there was Jayson Williams playing for the Nets who later on was charged with manslaughter for killing a limo driver . Then there was Duke's outstanding guard , Jayson Williams , ready to enter the NBA. This Williams was to suffer serious injuries due to a motorcyle accident a year after playing for the Bulls. He is attempting a comeback next season maybe for the Raptors.
I think , JWill was right in changing his name from just plain Jason Williams. All other Williams suffered horrific fates . JWill must avoid name associated with bad luck . It's bad karma. JWilll must get positive vibes to continue winning . So now , JWill might have to change his name again .
From JWill to JWillWin .

How 'bout JWillchair ?


Anonymous cb4 said...

Congrats to Miami . Beautiful win . I'm looking forward to the Suns-Heat finals !

1:18 PM  
Anonymous raptor4ever said...

I would welcome Jayson or Jason Williams to the Raptors. He's better than the Spanish Fly.

1:32 PM  
Anonymous Miami Nice said...

Awesome basketball by the Heat. Riley is really great . He was able to mould the team into one unified team . Their defense was good all throughout this series.

1:56 PM  
Blogger el greco said...

I said it's Miami in 6 !

10:19 PM  
Anonymous brian said...

i admire dwade's tenacity. he won't let miami lose. he's like mj

10:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your are Nice. And so is your site! Maybe you need some more pictures. Will return in the near future.

1:01 AM  

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