Wednesday, May 31

NBA Playoffs - Day 36

Suns Recover With A Win

Phoenix 106 Dallas 86

Just like their series against the Lakers . the Suns capitalize on the emotions of their players to tie the series , 2-2 . with the Mavericks. It was an emotion filled game last night with the return of an 'emotional' Raja Bell from an injury. ' His agent called me last night and said that we have to shoot Raja to prevent him from playing ' said coach D'Antoni . Bell despite playing hurt made his first 2 shots of the game. Bell was terrific also in defense showing his usual punk that made opponents lose their composures. ' I bet Raja will feel the pain the next morning ' said Steve Kerr.
The emotional high from Raja's court presence was compared by some to Willis Reed's appearance in the 1970 Knick vs. Lakers championship game . Well , not quite. In that game ( no 7 ) , a hobbling Reed entered the court late to the surprise of the crowd , his teammates and especially the Lakers. The dramatic entrance and the fact that Reed made his 1st 2 jumpshots disoriented Chamberlain and the rest of the Lakers that they were not able to recover . Craig Sager asked Raja after the game, ' Is that why you wear no.19 ( Reed's uniform number ) ? ' . ' No. 19 is my birthday ' said a smiling Raja. That Sager . He's really funny . Raja also thinks he's funny.
Funnier than those TNT TV guys who appeared like fools for questioning his decision to play !

There is no Suns who benefited more from Raja's presence than ' LB ' . LB is no other than Leandro Barbosa. LB felt more confident with Bell around. It's like the weight of the world is lifted from his shoulders and so now he can be his old self again ' said one writer. LB scored a playoff career high . LB was shooting from the 3 pt. line and driving to the basket all night long. Amazing. Even Dirk Nowitzki was impressed . ' We watched Barboza in previous series and we know what he is capable of doing ' said Norwitzi . The last time LB was just as lethal as was when the horse Barbaro won the Kentucky Derby. I guess LB's fortune is tied up with Barbaro , the horse. As you know , Barbaro was badly injured during the Preakness , the 2nd leg of the Triple Crown. Badly, that Barbaro was almost killed by his owners. In the old days , horses who get injured were subjected to 'mercy killing' . Like shooting them . Anyway , Barbaro was reported to be recovering well after its chances were placed at 50/50 for some time.
So you see , Barbosa's and Barbaro's fates are intertwined.
LB is Leandro Barbosa .
LB is for Live Barbaro !


Anonymous Jane said...

Nice writing .

12:02 PM  
Blogger NIKEY said...

What a game by the Suns. I hope BC will turn the Raps to a running team .

1:53 PM  
Anonymous Mavs Squad said...

Dallas better improve its play next time .They cannot afford to let the Suns beat them again. I still think my Mavs will end the Suns season in 6.

2:53 PM  
Anonymous raptor4ever said...

Bell is one helluva player. He just won't quit . Bell is not a superstar but he is a super baller to me !

7:08 PM  
Anonymous suns lover said...

He's the best coach in the whole of NBA
D'Antonio is one smart coach. I enjoy his ways of fielding people .

9:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looks nice! Awesome content. Good job guys.

3:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your are Nice. And so is your site! Maybe you need some more pictures. Will return in the near future.

1:01 AM  

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