Monday, June 12

The Finals : Game 2

Mavs Win War Vs. Heat

Dallas 99 Miami 85

The Mavs repeated their mastery of the hapless Heat to lead the series , 2-0 . It's a game punctuated by many ' first ' on both sides. It was the 1st time that a team registered 2 four point plays . Dallas ' Jerry Stackhouse and Josh Howard did it . On the other hand , Shaq was limited to a playoff low of 5 points. It was frustrating for the Big Man . Shaq was limited to a few touches by Dallas double team and continued to struggle in the foul shot line forcing Pat Riley to bench him . ' It was crazy seeing Shaq sitting down with no foul trouble ' said DWade. Especially that Shaq told people that he will play a better game in game 2. ' I would make sure that I will get more touches ' said the Diesel. He sure got a lot of touches. Touches from Diop and Dampier and whoever was assigned to double team him last night. ' Shaq got many touches in game 1 , 30 . He just kicked these back ' said a proud Dampier. Translation : He and Diop played good ' d ' on Shaq that he was not even able to make attempts to the basket. ' When the score was 18-16 , we played up tempo to distance ourselves from the Heat ' added J. Stackhouse . Translation : The Mavs can turn it on when they want to . These Mavs are a confident bunch. ' From a team that won 18 games , we are now playing in the world finals ' added Stackhouse. Andres Nacioni of the Chicago Bulls will dispute that. ' Why do they call the NBA champions , the world champions ' asked Nacioni who is a member of the Argentina team who won the last World Basketball Championship ( photo )
As far as I can remember , the NBA has always claimed that distinction. Maybe Andres is right. American basketball is no longer the no. 1 power in basketball. I'm sure the Americans will say ' We are no longer the no.1 power in basketball, but we are the only superpower in the world .' Amen.

The Miami players were suddenly lacking confidence. ' I heard Riley telling the Heat players to shoot , shoot ' said Fred Carter sitting behind Miami bench while covering the game for ESPN radio. Telling ' Toine to shoot is like telling John Dillinger to rob a bank or Donald Trump to fire someone . Not only are the Mavs confident , even the Dallas' papers are. One wrote that Shaq was reduced to a mere mortal by Dallas. Another said that the Heat is an unworthy opponent. Such belief in their own team was new. Before , the team was only an afterthought . ' The city of Dallas has totally accepted this basketball team now ' said the Mavs radio play by play man . Remember that Dallas is a football town . The Mavs worked hard. When asked how long he stayed on the gym last night , ' Up to 10 oclock ' Stackhouse responded. He said Dirk was still in the gym that night. . It's no wonder that the 2 played very well in game 2 . That's what caused the turnaround . Most fans like a hardworker but they all love a winner ! Aha . There's a way to win the hearts of Islamic hardliners who planned to take over the Parliament and behead Prime Minister Harper . You know that the 17 would be terrorists arrested in Canada recently are NBA followers. They reportedly were asking who is winning the NBA playoffs. The Raptors need only to start winning and Canada will rid itself of the threat of terrrorism.
The only problem is that fhe Raptors winninng in the NBA is harder than winning the war on terror !

Let them try !


Anonymous cb4 said...

The Mavs continue to amaze me .The real test will come Tuesday . If they win again , they're no.1 !

10:09 PM  
Anonymous joe mavs said...

nice post. i wonder what team the would be terrorists were rooting for - dallas or miami ?

11:11 PM  
Blogger el greco said...

miami in game 3. it;s the revenge of the heat !

12:06 AM  
Blogger film critic said...

Harper is a dumd ass . He don't need his head !

11:24 AM  
Anonymous miami nice said...

i hate to say this but i think shaq is done .
for the heat to win , wade should play very well.

3:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You should really host your own images. That way you don't look like an idiot for hotlinking and such, what if someone where to change their filenames and replace the image with something else? You should be careful!

Love the blog, hate the raptors.

3:11 PM  
Blogger coach said...

anon ,

thanks for the use of the photo and advice.

10:38 AM  
Blogger coach said...

anon ,

thanks for the use of the photo and advice.

10:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very best site. Keep working. Will return in the near future.

1:01 AM  

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